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I've decided that showing your house to sell sucks, especially if you do it right. Doing it right means taking half your stuff and putting it in storage. Clearing every single surface of anything that represents you. And when you have kids it means pretending you don't, to a limited extent. Cleaning cleaning cleaning. You can't even stuff everything in the closets anymore, because they want the closets and cabinets to looks empty and open too! So anyway...

The showing went well, the wife couldn't make it and the husband seemed to like it enough that now he wants to bring the wife back again soon. Keep in mind our house STILL isn't on the market and likely won't be for another couple of weeks. But how great would it be if we got an acceptable offer from these people and never had to show it to anybody else? In some markets it would mean we probably could get more money but not in this market.

In the meantime we still have no immediate plans to do our househunting in Houston, so temporary housing may be in our future.

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WILLIAM said...

Wow that looks great.

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