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Home again. Vacation was great and I already miss the beach. I don't have much of a tan to show for it because I coat myself in SPF 50 and wear a hat, to prevent my freckles from someday turning into huge ugly spots. Being so fair and freckly may be cute when you're young, but one glance at my grandparents and you'd understand. If anyone is a candidate for melanoma, it's me. Not because I spent much time sunbathing as a kid, but just because of my genes.

Things are rolling on selling the house finally. Could be great news, but I hope we will still have some time to find a place of our own. Speaking of which, I'm still really torn about what neighborhood and what type of house to focus on when we fly down for our incredibly short and important househunting trip. Perhaps I've been watching too much HGTV, but I get these ideas when I see older houses in more mature and pretigious neighborhoods that are going for a steal because they need work. The honest truth is that Mike and I are not DIY types, so I'm afraid of moving in someplace with big ideas and not getting much done.

And then there's the whole Katy verses Sugarland dilemma. I know I said I'd settled on Sugarland, but the houses of the type I'm looking for in the specific neighborhoods I'm looking for are limited in number. The commute might be a bit shorter, but there seem to be a TON of great houses in Katy, and the schools are great there too.

Choices, choices!


Anonymous said...

I know you and mike very very well and I say do not pick a fixer up. Remember the hole in the ceiling in your first house . . . it was there for a while. no offense but new is better.

jenifer said...

well, unless you have the cash to pay someone to do the renovations that you won't!

ryan and i are not DIY-ers either, and we're ok with that. but, it means that if we want an older home (which we do actually prefer), then we better be willing to pay up to have it updated because we are not doing it! :D

i'm glad your vacation was great and that things are moving on the house.

ryan has a friend in katy--we could internet connect you if you'd like.

running42k said...

The house hunting is fun, but making the decision is gut retching as it is a huge decision!

katia said...

I'm a sunscreen and hat type of gal too -- I blame it on my pale northern climes skin (does that make sense?)

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