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Annual Beach Shoot
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So we're all sitting on the beach this morning enjoying a lovely day when the hot lifeguard just a few feet away from me starts blowing his whistle madly and the next thing I know he is running at the speed of light past me. I guess some kid got out too far on his/her raft, fell off and got separated from it and needed help. When I jumped up I could see the lifeguard down the beach swimming super fast out to the person. I could see someone's head sticking up in the water and it didn't look like they were in serious distress, but it was the most action we've seen on this beach in four years.

Both boys LOVED the sand. Alex threw is around and ate it a bit. Nathan actually got his feet wet, a major accomplishment over last year. It was actually too cold to go all the way in. We had dinner at home and then did our annual family photo shoot, until it started to pour rain on us. Just a passing shower.

One other little thing that struck me funny last night at dinner. Since it was a decent restaurant I dressed up a little. Nothing too fancy, but I didn't want to wear my flip flops, so I put on some high wedge black espadrilles that lace all the way up my calves. My mom and my husband kinda mentioned they were unusual. Anyway I went to the ladies room during dinner and on my way out a pair of little girls, about 5 and 7 years old, walked in with their mom. They were cute blondies, not dressed particularly fashionably, but the younger one casually glanced and me and said "I like your shoes." as I walked by. Her mom's eyes got real wide and she gave me a look of shock. I laughed and thanked her and felt sorry for the mom of the five year old shoe diva.


jenifer said...

the picture looks great. :)

i'm glad that you're having a great time, and those shoes sound like fun! :D

Teri said...

what a good lookin family!

Bill said...

Mom and her three boys! Wonderful picture. No, but actually, Mike is looking great in this picture. I was surprised. Very manly and looking fit. I know fitness is in your routine but is Mike getting into it now too?

running42k said...

Excellent photo.

Good that Alex is getting some sand in his diet. Most kids aren't getting 100% of their daily beach sand requirement.

Mainline Mom said...

Thanks everyone!

Fitness has been part of Mike's agenda for awhile but he recently was diagnosed with high cholesterol and pre-diabetic so he started dieting seriously and has dropped almost 30 lbs.

jenifer said...

congrats to him on loosing that weight! that's no small feat! :D

Sarah said...

Great family pic!

Fellow Philly Mom Blogger

kalki said...

Fabulous family photo!

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