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I called a realtor today! She's coming Tuesday. I'm very excited. Mike cleaned the garage out this weekend, and he did some cleaning in the basement tonight. I went nuts buying houseplants this weekend, and I LOVE them. I'm starting to get into this interior design stuff, from watching all the HGTV.

Now I'm very excited about finding and decorating our new house. I have high hopes from searching online that we may end up with almost 75% more living space. I'm envisioning a gorgeous entry with a huge curved staircase and a big open gameroom on the landing with tons of built-in shelves for our "library". I see a beautiful sophisticated study off the front hall with tons more built-ins for my home office and maybe even my photography studio. Granite countertops in my gourmet kitchen and built-in vanity in my master bath. Maybe a pool, as long as there is a patch of green alongside it in the back yard. Many of the houses have the entire backyard taken up by the pool.

Anyway, Mike says I'm getting way ahead of myself. But I have a positive attitude and I have fun house shopping online. Moving so far away from friends and family is a bummer, so I choose to focus on the upside.


WILLIAM said...

How did the meet with the realtor go?

kalki said...

I would be the same way with the house hunting. Your dream house sounds fabulous...I hope you find it!

Undercover Mutha said...

Can I move in?

Mainline Mom said...


sometrouble said...

Good luck finding your dream home! I would move to Texas if we could. I have a lot of family there, and I know the cost of housing/living is quite a bit more affordable than it is here in Michigan.

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