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...so far. Tuesday Nathan got sent home from school with a fever. After some Tylenol he seemed just fine. I went to a great asian fusion restaurant with some friends in King of Prussia.

Wednesday I asked my mom to watch the kids while I attended my last MOPS meeting, since Nathan had been feverish. She drove her husband's pickup truck to my house so she could take home our snowblower (which we won't need in Houston) and my dollhouse (which I was saving in case I had a girl). Unfortunately she got a ticket for speeding, and found out the truck was out of inspection since October.

The MOPS meeting was good, and my group gave me a nice card with a $50 giftcard. Awesome considering I wasn't so great at planning stuff for all of us. My coordinator also gave me a gift certificate for a manicure, the perfect gift for me. I never get my nails done but always want to, so now I HAVE to. Also everyone got a big butterfly bush, great for my new gardening kick. So I needed to make several trips to the car with all my stuff, and after one trip I shoved my keys in my jeans pocket and left the purse in the car. On the next trip I discovered my keys were missing. I spent the next 30 minutes searching desperately for them, then gave up and got a ride home with my neighbor.

One of my close friends knew I had lost my keys, and found them shortly after I had left. She checked to make sure they started my car and called me, then she even went out of her way to drop them off to me. Then a couple hours later my neighbor drove me BACK to the church to pick up my car. Craziness. In the meantime my mom and I planted a flat of impatients, a very appropriate flower for MY garden.

Nathan spiked another fever and complained his throat hurt, so I took him to the doctor to check for strep. Of course, no strep and a waste of $15. Poor kid.

Then after we put the kids to bed I went to Target and JCPenney's and I think I finally ended my loooooongtime quest for curtains for my dining room and living room. The naked windows were better for my photo studio, but not good for selling a house, especially when the walls and trim are all white. It didn't help that I'm super cheap and spending $400+ on curtains seems like such a waste. Unless our buyer REALLY wants them, they're coming with us! I'll take pictures when I get them up, because I think they are pretty cool.


Sharkey said...

What a week--and it isn't even over yet!

I'm curious about the restaurant you went to, and am looking forward to seeing photos of your curtains.

Mainline Mom said...

I think the restaurant was called Wild Rice or Wild Grass or something like that...it was in the Valley Forge shopping center which is up 202 past the mall, next to Marshall's and Bear Creek Cafe. Oh...and DAIRY QUEEN.

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