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Wednesdays are one of my days off, so this morning I took the kids to the Y. I was dreading it, being so out of shape, but I always end up leaving feeling great. Plus on Wed mornings I often see several friends there, and today was no different. I got to chat with Emily who is taking over as coordinator of my MOPS group next year. It is hard for me to hear about all the planning going on that I am not part of. Emily did the Race for the Cure on Sunday which is very inspiring to me, since I don't think she is really a runner yet. She said she ran some and walked some but still finished under her goal.

Then I ran into Jenifer, who I haven't seen in forever and is looking fabulously pregnant. As expected pregnancy suits her well. It made me miss it just a bit. But I miss doing her yoga classes even more. If I didn't have an 80's themed Ice Cream social tomorrow night and a Pampered Chef party at DCRMom's Friday night, I would go to a yoga class. Maybe next week. We both lamented never seeing or hearing from Mark anymore.

Yesterday we took the kids to the Dogwood Festival, an annual Phoenixville town fair. We ate lots of fair schleck and Nathan rode a few rides which totally thrilled him. I also ran into my friend Cory, yet another woman I will miss very much after we move. I genuinely love the fact that I have lived here long enough to "run into" my friends randomly about town. Anywho...time to take the kids out to play in this gorgeous weather.


running42k said...

Charming photo.

Sharkey said...

Love this photo of the kiddos!

Undercover Mutha said...

When you move to the South, you're not allowed to say the word "schleck" anymore. I'm just sayin....

Dick Small said...

Your kids are getting big.

On a side note, at the white-collar prison where I served one year of hard time, every Wednesday night we had an 80's themed Ice Cream social. I always used to attend dressed as Rob Lowe (whom everyone said I bore a striking resemblance to). One night, the Warden came dressed as Molly Ringwald. He looked like a million bucks.

Mainline Mom said...

ROFL at Dick. I'm still not sure what I'm going to where, I am big on purging my closet and I don't own anything older than five years...ok maybe a ten. The hair I can do though.

UM - I know, that's why I HAD to throw it in now. Even most Philly people don't know what it means, but our last house was smack in the middle of PA Dutch country.

WILLIAM said...

Yum to the fair schleck.

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