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Abigail and I
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So believe or not last night was the first time I believe I have ever been "out" in downtown Philly. My best friend Abigail was home from her PhD work at Vanderbilt for the weekend and it happened to be her birthday so we decided to hit the town. We had some fabulous food and drinks at the Continental, a very cool diner turned bar and tapas restaurant.

Then we headed to the Plough and the Stars which was packed. The bouncer checked my ID and then hit on me, which is always nice. But the place was mostly packed with women so we didn't stay too long. We wandered down the street and a well dressed bouncer at the Blue Martini charmed us in the door. The music was pretty good and the people were looking good too so we stayed awhile. Alexis struck up a conversation with a goofy looking guy in a Phillies shirt who must've been there earlier to watch the game, because he and his friend just did not fit the scene. But they were super nice and went to Penn State so we chatted.

By the time we left my high heels were absolutely killing me and I determined that I'd rather pay for parking in a close-by lot than walk six blocks to our free spot, which as it turns out was not so free, since there was a ticket on the windshield when we arrived. Lex thought you didn't need to feed the meter after 9pm, but she must've been wrong. Unfortunately I also clocked my chin on the car door getting in. I'm pretty much a clutz that way.

I was very tired this morning but it was a really great time. My feet and chin are still sore.


Sharkey said...

My feet are sore too. Also from walking blocks and blocks in downtown Philly last night. And I had tapas too! But at Tinto; then we went to the Orchestra concert--Eschenbach's last hurrah. Then instead of bar hopping, my divorced friend and I went for gelato. Wait ten years--then you'll be where we are. :)

WILLIAM said...

Old City...I miss it.

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