Beautiful Weekend

Train Tracks
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom
The weather was nearly perfect this weekend at the riverlot. The spending all day outside in the fresh air really wore everyone out, so the kids slept great overnight.

I did some more senior photos for Mike's twin cousins Hilary and Mallory, who are both headed to Penn State main campus this year. I'm excited for them to get out of their small town and experience a whole different side of life and people, etc. Unfortunately due to some timing issues I couldn't get both of them together. Drat!

Busy week ahead with carpet cleaners coming early this morning, my realtor coming tomorrow, my cleaning lady on Friday and on Saturday is our big yard sale!


WILLIAM said...

Where is Snidley Whiplash...to tie her to the tracks?

Mainline Mom said...

He was back at the river camp playing cards. Couldn't be bothered tieing her up today.

kalki said...

Great shot!

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