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Good news, Alex is much better. Finally! He slept from 7:30 last night till 8:30 this morning. Just in time for Easter Sunday.

Bad news, I'm sick. But good news is my doctor could see me this morning, and I got drugs...lots of them in fact. She looked up my nose and said "It's really quite impressive actually, the right said is all allergies and the left side is quite infected." So three prescriptions for horse pills later and I should be better soon.

Thank God for the best healthcare in the world. Do I want everyone in this country to have healthcare? Sure. But not at the expense of the quality of the system. Socialized medicine is not the answer, especially not if we still want this country to practice the kind of cutting edge medicine that develops breakthroughs all the time, and maybe someday will cure cancer. I think there is a happy medium somewhere between completely privatized healthcare and government run medicine.

That said, Obama gave a pretty great speech at the constitution center in Philly the other day. Unlike my ultra-conservative friends and family, I will not be horribly afraid and depressed if he is our next President.


Rhea said...

Sorry you're sick but glad you got some good drugs. lol You have a huge MOPS group, I'm impressed and how wonderful to have so many friends, so much support.

Just blog browsing today.

running42k said...

Have you moved to France because according to the World Health Organization the US is 37th.


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