Seven Random Facts

Ok so Meegs tagged me with a meme, something about 7 weird or random things about me. Have you noticed I start a lot of posts, sentences, and thoughts with "Ok so..."? I have. Noticed, that is. I'm not gonna bother tagging seven other people because I don't even know if I have seven readers, but whatever.

1. I can't cook. Like, at all. Well maybe not at all, but not much. Mike jokes that everything I make comes from some sort of box. Occasionally I will be daring and pull out a recipe or a cookbook, but that is VERY occasionally. I wish I liked it more, perhaps if I were better at it I would like it more. I blame my mom for this, she isn't what you would call a naturally skillful chef, although she can cook, but she certainly never taught me. I also blame having too much disposable income and being able to afford eating out a lot. That money really would be put to better use if I liked to cook.

2. I love to dance, especially ballroom. I haven't done that since college but I really loved it. Mike does not love it. In fact I don't think he's ever done it. My ballroom dance class TA was Bobby Engram, who is now a star player for the Seattle Seahawks. He was a very good dancer and I LOVED dancing with him. It was also very interesting talking to him as he prepared for the NFL draft. He carried a set of worry beads around with him in the month or two before the draft. I even like to polka :)

3. I was 5' 4" in the fifth grade. I've only grown two inches since then. I was off the charts tall until middle school. I could comfortably rest my elbow on the top of my best friend Kate's head. But I was terrible at basketball. Most sports really.

4. I love bridges. My favorite is the Brooklyn Bridge in NY because of it's beautiful stonework and its cool history. Other favorites are the Firth of Fourth bridge in Scotland and the Golden Gate in SF. I inherited this from my dad, and I guess it's because I appreciate the engineering, even though I'm not the kind of engineer that designs bridges. You would definately not want me to design you a bridge.

5. I love maps. That's probably also something that goes with the engineer in me. I love to study them for no good reason, looking at all the different ways to get from here to there, discovering new places to visit along the way. I really don't like to use a GPS if I have a perfectly good map...although it's useful when you're actually driving.

6. I can't decorate. I may have mentioned this before, but I am interior design challenged. My walls are all white because I am paralyzed with fear of not being perfectly coordinated, yet I have no idea how to pull that off. That and I hate painting. But that doesn't explain why my windows are mostly bare too. My walls only have a bit of art on them, nothing purely decorative. It's sad, but it saves me money because if I COULD decorate I would be constantly buying s*** for my house like some women I know.

7. I would like to get my MBA from Wharton. That's right, not just anywhere...Wharton. Ain't never gonna happen, but I'd like to do it. It costs about $50K and you can only do it if you take two years off work or through the exec program which your very large and wealthy company must pay for.


TBG said...

The man I work for got his MBA at Whartons.

running42k said...

Cool list. Bobby Engram, that is very cool.

For a very cool lady you sure aren't girly girly, can't cook, can't decorate.

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