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Our Easter church service yesterday was awesome, the best Easter service I've ever been to. It helps that our church is huge and we had a full orchestra, big choir and rock band style worship team. We went to the 9:30 service (there are four to choose from) which is usually mainly traditional hymns, but on Easter they blend traditional and contemporary styles for all four services.

I LOVE Easter music. I think my favorite hymn in the world is Christ the Lord is Risen Today. It is the most joyful and significant hymn I can think of. We also sang In Christ Alone, a lyrically fantastic song. Easter means so much to me that I admit I cried while I was singing.

A woman gave her testimony in the middle of the service, something not very typical. She said she had no spiritual foundation for most of her life, into her early thirties, and her successful career in the environmental field was her identity. She had a baby and soon thereafter ended up divorced. She said she was looking for peace and found it through yoga, which of course I was keenly interested in. But MOST interestingly, when she signed up for teacher training in yoga, one of the recommended reading materials was the Bible, and she took it very seriously and started reading it, and that's how she found her faith in God and Jesus. I'm surprised that of all the reading she must have been told to do for yoga, the Bible is the one that she chose to believe and identify with, but I shouldn't be surprised because it's the Truth and God just used yoga as His way to introduce himself to her. She ended up in a Bible study, and then a church, etc etc and now it has profoundly changed her life.

Considering HOW many people ask me how yoga fits or conflicts with my faith, this testimony was great to me.

Also the sermon was the best on I've ever heard our pastor give, about the solid evidence that the resurrection really happened, and how it can have a direct impact on how we live every day. Good stuff.

Oh yeah, and the choir ended the service with two selections from Handel's Messiah, my favorite piece of music ever. Worthy is the Lamb and the Hallelujiah chorus. It was magnificent.

*As a side note, little known fact about me, I have put it on my list of things to do before I die to sing the Messiah. Not the solo parts of course, just the choral parts. I mean, in a choir. A big one.


sometrouble said...

I have been to hear Handel's Messiah sung. It IS an awesome piece of music! Happy Easter!

I would love to talk with you about yoga and your Christian faith. I am very interested in it. My grandmother is very against it. She feels yoga is purely evil...I, of course, don't agree, but I don't feel that I have that much information or knowledge to talk with her about it.

running42k said...

That is great that you enjoyed your service so much.

Anyone who thinks yoga is evil, obviously doesn't understand it. Although I will admit some poses are evil.

Undercover Mutha said...

What a blessed thing to witness. I can't remember if I sang that in choir or not, but it is a magnificent piece. I cried during our Easter service, too, but for different reasons.

Meegs said...

Oh yeah, and the choir ended the service with two selections from Handel's Messiah, my favorite piece of music ever. Worthy is the Lamb and the Hallelujiah chorus. It was magnificent.

Oh, that sounds wonderful. I would love to go see a candle-lit performance of this.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to your church next year. Mine was horrible. Baptists don't celebrate good friday so they actually sing some good friday songs as well as easter songs on sunday so it's not all celebratory. BTW, in christ alone is the best contempary song ever.

blogawakening said...

That's great to hear. There are so many people in the times in which we live, that Easter is one of the two times that Sunday isn't just another Saturday. So I always find it extremely important to not just have it be another Sunday service. Alot of times the ones that make the bi-annual trek to church are good people, and care about their families and other people, but they don't have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. As we know, in the grand scheme of things, being a 'nice person' isn't worth a thing because our righteousness is as filthy rags to God.

Glad you had a nice Easter and the kids look to be feeling better. Come down for a visit sometime. I put some new pictures of the kids on the latest blog.

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