Snow Day!

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Hooray for a real snow day. The first one this year, and it fell perfectly on a Friday morning, my usual day off work. I just wanted one good snowfall for Nathan to use his new snowboots, pants, shovel and sled. Mission accomplished. He LOVED his little shovel, and followed daddy all over the driveway. He also enjoyed riding down the hill on his new tube. Now we're taking a hot cocoa break.

I was over at my neighbor's till 1am last night drinking wine and talking politics with some girlfriends. They chided me very hard for saying I liked Barak.


Alissa said...

Hahaha, it looks like Nathan shoveled it very well all by himself in that photo! Enjoy your snow day!

Meegs said...

They chided me very hard for saying I liked Barak.

That is ridiculous. I count myself as a Dem... but I vote based on the person, not purely along party lines. I think doing that is one of the dumbest, most thoughtless things you can do. Hopefully there was more to your friends' chiding then meets the eye.

WILLIAM said...

We had fun in the snow too.

TBG said...

damn it I go to Florida and it snows. Oh well hopefully we get more snow this season.

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