Sick Kids Suck

So I'm driving home from my mom's yesterday afternoon and talking to my sales rep on the phone when Nathan starts yelling. He had done that in the car earlier that day and it was just something like "my pants are falling down" or "my seatbelt is too tight". That dumb kinda stuff I can't do anything about while I"m driving. I hang up the phone and look up and suddenly he starts barfing all over himself. Poor kid. Over and over. Now I'm in rush hour traffic at least half an hour from home. I stopped at a Wawa but there wasn't a lot I could do, so I just kept going. He barfed the whole way home.

Then he barfed all night long. Every 5 to 10 minutes. He'd barf, pass out, wake up and barf. Mike and I took turns laying with him and cleaning him up. He kept begging for milk but even the tiniest bit he would barf up. Then sometimes when it seemed the puking had slowed, he just would not go to sleep. He had a fever that was probably keeping him awake, but he badly needed rest. So anyway none of the three of us slept at all, all night. Just Alex, he slept fine, despite his cough, and he was ready to go at 7am when the rest of us just wanted to lay in bed. Ugh.


Redhead Mommy said...

ick! he didn't have food poisoning, did he? Hope you all are feeling better soon!

Undercover Mutha said...

Oh hell, what a mess! Hope you all are feeling back up to speed soon.

running42k said...

Hope the little guys are feeling better soon. Remember to keep Nathan hydrated with all that barfing.

WILLIAM said...

There is a stomach bug going around. Both my kids had it two weeks ago. Same thing happened. 24 hours of barf.

dcrmom said...

O my gosh, what a night! I hope he's on the mend, and no one else gets it.

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