Happy Valentine's Day

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I forgot to express this sentiment when I posted this morning. I found this little outfit for Alex on clearance at the Gap on Wednesday and thought it perfect for this holiday.

This holiday was less than stellar. The kids were fine, thank goodness. But I had a very nice steak dinner planned for Mike, and he got stuck at work and didn't get home till almost 8. So he called and offered to pick up BK on the way home, while I put Nathan to bed. By this point I was getting pretty hungry, and looking forward to my chicken sandwich. Unfortunately when Mike walked in, he announced that BK had forgotten my sandwich with our order, AND had given him the incorrect change, shorting him a buck. Add to that the fact that Mike is still very sick with a cold and is going to bed early.

So Mike and I have elected to have a "do-over" tomorrow.


TBG said...

I think a do over sounds good.

running42k said...

Excellent set of pictures of you and Alex.

WILLIAM said...

I hope you do and do and do over.

sometrouble said...

do-overs sometimes work better.

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