You know you're sleep deprived when you pass out at 8pm at night and don't wake up again even once until 6:15am. Yep, I dozed off last night while giving Alex his bedtime bottle...something about sitting in a rocker in a dark room will do that to me. So I decided there wasn't anything on TV I wanted to watch (except the Foo Fighters on Letterman, but that was already TiVo'd) so I climbed into the sack at 8:30 and told Mike to leave the TV on but turn the lights out. I didn't wake up when he came to bed, whenever that was. Apparently neither kid woke up all night, because even the slightest peep on the monitors and I'm usually wide awake. But when Mike turned the TV on this morning at 6:15am, I suddenly woke up, completely rested.

Then I proceeded to drink way too much coffee, because I could babble endlessly on any subject right now...too bad I can't type as fast as I can think.


running42k said...

but you missed the lunar eclipse.

WILLIAM said...

Sometimes, sleep like that is so refreshing.

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