Day 5

Our house has been completely invaded by germs. Viruses. One that attacks the stomach and causes you to puke your guts out. Followed by one that attacks the nose and causes it to drip uncontrollably. Plus coughs. All four of us in the household got both viruses, one by one, like dominos. Thank goodness the puking was at least slightly staggered, so that I managed the kids on Friday while Mike was dying, and he managed the kids on Saturday while I was dying. The only one still puking is Alex, and that seems very strange because he started on Friday morning, and seemed fine for half of the day Saturday, then started acting sick again, and puked again this morning. Poor baby, he is just not himself yet. Thankfully we all got a very good night's sleep last night.

I'm glad it mostly hit on the weekend, but that makes at least two months straight that we have missed church due to somebody being ill on Sunday morning. Not cool.

Oh, and we totally missed our big date night out Friday...but it's a darn good thing we didn't go and start barfing THERE.


Undercover Mutha said...

Ah, the cloud and it's silver lining. Get well soon.

dcrmom said...

Oh, I was afraid of that when I heard of the first incident. UGH. It's definitely going around. Hope all are well soon.

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