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I don't want to jinx myself, but I feel like we've turned a corner with Nathan. For the past week or two he has been an absolute delight, eating his food without complaint, going to bed and school without a fight, and demonstrating his imagination more and more. The best part is that he has just discovered that he has a captive audience with Alex. Alex laughs at Nathan as soon as he walks into the room. So Nathan has become a little ham, making funny faces and voices and dancing around to make all of us laugh. It is precious. The two boys interact all the time now, making it much easier for us as parents to keep sane. You just can't get stressed out when the baby is in giggle fits and the preschooler is singing the Wonderpets themesong at the top of his lungs.


running42k said...

That was one of the most beautiful posts I have read in a while. You have to love that brotherly love.

WILLIAM said...

"Whats gonna work?"

Mainline Mom said...


Undercover Mutha said...

Aw. The beginning of a lifelong friendship.

My mom likes to sing, "We're not too big, and we're not too bright!"

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