January Sunrise

January Sunrise
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Because of how my house is situated on a big hill in my densely populated neighborhood, I can't get shots like this. But the view from my inlaws' house is incredible, and these sunrises are a regular event. Plus with wee ones in the house, I'm up before dawn every day. So I snagged this shot through a window, because I was still in my pjs and it was butt cold outside.

Nathan did ok yesterday for his first full day of school. There were only a few tears, but he seemed to be in a great mood after school. Plus I got tons of work done while Alex played and napped so I had fun playing with the kids after school. Still, sometimes I feel guilty, like 7:30 to 4 is a long day for a 3 year old. But I'm sure he has fun. And it's only 3 days a week still.

And OH what I can get accomplished in that time. I just hope I don't get lazy and slack off. I'm used to really having to work hard in 15 minute increments I can find here or there through the day.

Unfortunately Mike had to drive up to Rhode Island today, and he doesn't know when he'll be home. So that means no yoga tonight :( And I have to take the trash out! Yuk, I hate that job.

I wonder how damaging it is for babies to watch TV. It's not like he's super interested, but once in awhile while I'm watching the news I catch him staring at Brian Williams.


WILLIAM said...

Hi MM. Good for Nathan that he is in School three days a week.

mcgibfried said...

we used to get the greatest sunsets.. all colors of the spectrum fading in and out at dusk..
then a cell phone tower went up in the distance.. ruined it.

i feel your congested neighborhood pain.

running42k said...

I wouldn't feel to guilty about Nathan and school. It is no different then what millions of other kids go through and it helps his socialization.

As for the baby and the tv, just don't put Fox News on, it will warp his little mind.

sometrouble said...

beautiful photo. I am ashamed to say that I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've seen the sunrise in the past two years...and most of those were not by my choice! I guess I need to have some babies to "help" me get up earlier. :o)

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