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Well it turns out my grandparents are only staying two nights...just one day. Which means I get to go to yoga tomorrow night!

I need it. My belly is starting to hurt a bit from expanding. Every week I get an email update about the baby's development and this week it said the baby's bones are hardening, which means a solid kick can knock the wind out of you. NO KIDDING. I'm at that point where his head or foot or something is constantly getting wedged up under my ribs making me pretty uncomfortable. I'm ready to get this kid out now, even if he won't be ready for another two months.

Tonight for the first time we almost took Nathan to the ER. Fortunately it turned out not to be necessary. He was horsing around a bit on a chair and didn't fall or anything, but suddenly started wailing and holding his neck. This is typical, but then after 15 minutes of renewed crying and rubbing his neck I started to get worried. After 30 minutes I called the doctor and we did some tests to see if it could be a broken collerbone. Nope. After a few more minutes the Tylenol kicked in and he started to calm down. An hour later he was finally back to normal. It was a bit nervewracking though. He is such a great kid.


River Rats

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That's what we call our kids and dogs after they've been playing in the dirt all weekend at my inlaws' riverlot. It's a permanent campsite on the banks of the Susquehanna. The weather was awesome this whole weekend, couldn't have been better. Nathan had a smile plastered on his face almost the entire time, playing with his cousins and digging in the dirt with his trucks. We decided not to bring the DVD player or movies in the car with us on the three hour trip and it was a great idea. Nathan literally amused himself looking out the window, reading a book or two, and laughing at Pepper the whole way up and back.

Every evening he would come home covered from head to toe in dirt and we would wash it all away, only to get more the next day. His poor little legs are completely black and blue and scraped up today, but it's only a sign of a great time outdoors.

I did my first Senior Pictures photo shoot and I'm starting to process them now, but I think they look great. It helps to have really attractive models that follow direction and sit still while I shoot. I'll be doing more later this summer.

Tonight my grandparents arrive to visit for a few days. Not sure exactly how long they are staying or what we will do, but it looks like it will be hot and sunny all week. :)


Sweet Relief

SYWBPP:Lottery "Momma"
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That long blissful sigh you hear is me finishing my report, submitting my photo contest entry, and relaxing my way straight into a long weekend. Yesterday morning was my usual morning off and Nathan let me sleep until 8am!! We had a nice trip to the grocery store, although I can't figure out why that would cause my back so much more pain than a hard workout doing yoga or walking. But it does! The little man actually helped me unload the car, making four trips to carry one bag of bread or chips at a time. He was thrilled to help.

My only source of consternation right now is that my grandparents are on their annual drive from Houston to Boston and are arriving to stay with us sometime next week for an undetermined amount of time. They send my entire family into a tizzy every spring and fall with their lack of communication or planning and lack of concern for our schedules. It's mind boggling to me. They are the nicest people in every other way. I suspect they will arrive to my house Tuesday, right after I get home from my mini-vacation, and I'm afraid they may stay for quite some time. The bummer is that my cleaning lady can't come till Wednesday, so I must do some substantial cleaning before we go away.

I'm finally getting antsy waiting for this baby to come, and yet I know I have a long time to wait yet. It's not because I want to be un-pregnant either, pregnancy is suiting me pretty well this time around. Although I could REALLY go for a margarita.


Random Tuesday Stuff

Carnival Train
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Isn't the expression on Nate's face priceless? He loved the rides at the fair, which is a big change from the past when he would have been startled by being flung around and up and down at high speeds all by himself. It just shows me how much he is growing. Last week at the YMCA he ran into a classmate of his from school and the two instantly bonded and are now inseparable. Little Ava's mother told me she wanted to take Nathan home with her. It has made him very eager to go to school AND to the Y the past few days.
He has also developed his first freckles, which I guess were inevitable given my genes. Just a few random spots that I suddenly noticed won't wash off.

Mike is out of town again this week but so far it has not been bad. Nathan has slept in and taken good naps and been generally cheerful. I am 95% done my big report, and I feel pretty good about it. Now if only the EPA likes it and decides to give us $70,000 to play around with.

A friend of mine at church who recently had a baby gushed about how great I look, and gave us lots of advice on having that second child. Yes, we finally made it to church, which was great. I love that I finally feel at home there, seeing familiar faces that will stop and talk to us among the crowd of 2000.

Over the weekend I watched three movies, Failure to Launch, Pirates 2, and Akeelah and the Bee. Failure to Launch was really pretty boring, Pirates 2 was confusing and scary, especially compared to the first one which I LOVED. But the highlight was most definately Akeelah and the Bee. I LOVED it. My movie critic friend, Neel, also highly recommended it, otherwise I probably would never have even rented it. GO SEE IT NOW, you won't regret it.

The Heroes season finale last night was SO much better than the Grey's Anatomy season finale. It was perfect in it's pleasant resolution and yet it left the needed teasers to make you want to watch next season. I was afraid that if the Heroes saved the world there would be nothing left to keep me interested! Unfortunately the Law and Order Criminal Intent finale left me depressed, because I love Chris Noth and seeing him so out-of-sorts was a bummer.

I can't wait till this weekend comes, and the weather had better be nice. We're all headed up to Mike's parents to spend the weekend outside at their campsite on the Susquehanna River. I think Nathan is going to have a blast and I think I will probably be able to relax and not watch him as closely as last year. Lots of good food, playing cards, and enjoying the scenery.


Beautiful Weekend

What a fabulous weekend it has been. I thought it was supposed to rain the whole weekend, but it really hasn't. Yesterday we slept pretty late, and for the first time Nathan cuddled up next to Mike in bed. We spent the morning outside while Mike mowed the lawn.

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Then I went an got my hair done for the first time since January. After naptime we headed over to the local carnival that was open for it's last day. Nathan entertained the small crowd at the bandshell by dancing like a crazy man to the very talented singer on stage. Then he rode a couple of rides and loved every minute of it. I did start to drizzle after a while and we headed home. But again today the sun is out, the sky is blue, and the weather is perfect. Nathan got us up too early this morning so we went out for breakfast before church. Now I have to figure out how to get my family outside to enjoy the sunshine later today.


I Hate Roller Coasters

Really I do. Which is also why I hate pregnancy hormones. I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster, and I am not a terribly emotional girl.

Mike's been gone all week. Normally this wouldn't bother me much. But Nathan has been far from his normally perfect self. He is moving into a phase of hitting, whining, crying, and throwing himself and his toys around for unknown reasons. Today he kicked Pepper and he got his first real spanking. It definately worked. I really didn't want to ever spank him but kicking the dog was grounds for an immediate reaction. I didn't hurt him, just startled him, which is what I was going for. In theory I don't think spanking is a good idea, teaching a kid that me hitting him is ok but him hitting me is not seems really counter-intuitive. So I won't make it a habit, my other forms of discipline...time outs, taking away toys or privileges...will remain the norm.

My doctor called and informed me that now I am a bit anemic and I need to start taking iron again. That may explain my occasional bouts of severe exhaustion, especially around 2:00 when I'm supposed to be hard at work. It doesn't help that Nathan is still waking me up at 5:45am. So when I suddenly realized last night that I had a 25 page report due to the EPA by noon on Monday I had a complete meltdown/panic attack. I realized that since they wanted originals, not emails, I would have to get it in the mail either Friday night or maybe Saturday if Fed Ex could swing that. That left me barely eight hours of uninterrupted work time, in which to write 25 pages I hadn't even started. Then Mike called and informed me he would not be home Thursday as planned. I lost it. Oh yeah, and I think I got a mild case of food poisoning when I went to dinner with my mom. On top of my lingering cough and sniffles.

So this morning I work up at 5:45 as usual and fought with Nathan to get him to school on time. I buckled down and worked my butt off on this report. I got some majorly disappointing news from my boss, and then Mike called and told me his boss had just up and quit. Mike's boss was a good advocate for him, the kind of guy you need to help you advance. It had taken time for Mike to demonstrate his talents to this boss, and now he'll probably have to start over with someone new. I have a faint hope it might mean a promotion, but in the interim I'm sure it will be more work and more stress for poor Mike picking up the slack.

So I turned to God for strength today and got half my report done. At some point this morning I "miraculously realized" the office I'm sending the report to is in Durham, right down the road from my company headquarters. Which meant my boss could print it and hand deliver it Monday, giving me the whole weekend to work on it. I thanked God for that answer to prayer.

Then Nathan took a nice long nap with no arguments and woke up in a good mood....a real rarity these days. So I thanked God again and decided to go to yoga class. Yoga was nothing short of blissful. I didn't cough...much....I could breathe through my nose...a miracle...and my dinner stayed where it belonged so I didn't have to make an emergency run to the bathroom like I thought I might have to. My balance is amazingly better than it was a month or so ago, and my hips and back have been essentially pain free.

Then at the end of class I was talking to Mark and it suddenly dawned on me that Monday is not May 23rd, the day my report is due....it's only the 21st!! I ran home and double checked to make sure I wasn't delusional again. It's true, my report is due Wednesday!! That's two whole more work days to finish it. Which meant I could relax tonight and watch Grey's. And it means I get to actually enjoy my weekend. Such a silly mixup would ordinarily be a minor pleasant surprise, but to me it feels like I'm dancing on a cloud. So the roller coaster goes back up and I feel like a giddy moron. And I'm thanking God yet again for having my back.


Religion and Politics

Now I know it's been said that the two things you never discuss in polite company are religion and politics. Of course, there are many times I throw that rule out, and try to tread gracefully into interesting dialogue with my friends and family, usually because I have some idea of where they are coming from and can take that into account. Let's face it, with certain people I love to talk. Then again, I have learned from my husband that there are many times when listening from the sidelines is the best thing to do.

For instance, the time my new neighbors declared they were racists while drinking beer in my kitchen. They were perceptive enough to pick up on the fact that I was keeping silent and therefore probably did not agree with them. Or I should say, the woman in the group was perceptive enough, because generally speaking women are good at that.

Except for yesterday. Last night I went to my usual prenatal swimming class and it was a very small group, only three of us plus the instructor. We usually talk a lot about kids and giving birth and sometimes Lost. For some reason the instructor and one of chatty girls started talking about radio and how they liked Howard Stern. This quickly spun into a political discussion because supposedly Stern is supporting Hillary unless Rudy wins the GOP primary, in which case he'll support him. I watched in horror as the other two girls in my class declared themselves Republicans, and then a discussion of Bush, Bill Clinton, and the war in Iraq ensued. I could not believe these girls would be so forthcoming with their opinions around people they didn't know at all. I kept silent. Then one girl said how Rudy's three marriages should be no big deal and the other girl started off into how "those people down in the Bible Belt will care!" and that rapidly turned into a discussion about religion. Still, I did my bicep curls in silence. Apparently nobody picked up on the fact that in a conversation between four people, I was not saying one word...for a reason.


Lazy Weekend

Irish Baby
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Another weekend full of various illnesses in our house. Nathan has had a cough and runny nose for a week, and yesterday he came down with pinkeye....YUK. I have no idea where he got it, since he wasn't in school since Thursday. But of course now I have to be the responsible parent and keep him home today while I administer the antibiotics. Which is going to drive me bonkers because Nathan's choice of videos has not varied in about a week. He either wants to watch Gumby, or Moe and the Big Exit from Veggietales. I hate Gumby, and the songs from Moe are now stuck in my head after seeing that video 1-2x a day for the past week.

I still have a nasty cough and stuffy nose, and Mike wasn't feeling well either. We went out as a family to get a new lawn mower Saturday morning, and got crap for customer service, so I developed a case of the crankies. It should not take an hour in Sears hardware when you know exactly what product you want to buy.

We had to drive around a big Celtic street festival in downtown Phoenixville, so I wanted to check it out but I knew Mike would not be up for it. Fortunately as soon as we got home from lunch my neighbor came over and asked if I wanted to join her and her kids on a walk down to the fair. I agreed, despite Mike's worries about me walking so far in the blazing hot sun. We walked slow because her little boys were more interested in the rocks on the ground than getting anywhere. But it WAS hot.

The fair was very cool, and I forgot my neighbors are Irish to the core. They even named their baby Erin, which is like the Irish word for Ireland I guess. That's her in the picture. They had great live music playing on stages at both ends of the street, and tons of Celtic jewelry, clothes, and food for sale. Lotsa men wandering around in kilts.

Yesterday we had to miss church again due to the illnesses, but I got to stay in bed late and then Mike got me Dunkin Donuts...yum. Then we went out to dinner and were seated right next to my very good friend Carolyn and her family. A pleasant surprise.

Now Mike is off on another business trip for the week, which leaves me stuck with the sick kid. He's not really sick, just contagious. But after 24 hours of antibiotics, he's going back to school tomorrow, before I go insane.


I Like to Party

So my jewelry party last night turned out much better than I expected. Seven women came, I had two prior orders and I think I'm getting two more orders. We had a blast just trying on tons of jewelry and chatting. I think the women that did come must've liked what they saw because they ordered quite a bit and even before my two orders yet to come in I get almost $200 in free jewelry! So I'm doing the free jewelry dance today. Plus I get a bunch of things at half price and you know I'll take advantage of that. I'm gonna be swimming in new bling.

Also I made a new artichoke spinach dip with a mix I bought at one of those food parties and it was awesome. I gotta go get more cream cheese so I can make more just for me!



Newly Pregnant
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I'm starting to think that whoever invented webcams should be shot. It means I have to actually do my hair and makeup for work...AT MY HOUSE.

This picture was given to me last night from a Christmas party I went to. I remember it well because I had just found out I was pregnant, wasn't telling anyone at all, and four girls figured it out instantly when I declined the alcohol.

I'm having a jewelry party tonight with my FAVORITE jewelry, Premiere. My neighbor is the awesomest sales lady ever. I invited 50 women. Guess how many for sure are coming? 2. Grrrr...

Jewelry parties used to work much better for me when I worked in a big office and could just pass the catalogue around. Now everybody has kids that have soccer or T-ball and husbands that work late or travel. Oh well maybe next year.

My company hired a cute new intern. He's a sophomore at Duke. I know he's cute because of the webcam meetings. Hopefully I can put him to useful work ;)


Tuesday Meme

Stolen from running42K.

Explain what ended your last relationship? You mean my last boyfriend? I cheated on him. Twice. Trying to get him to dump me.

When was the last time you shaved? Yesterday.

What were you doing this morning at 8 a.m.? Stopping at Wawa for coffee and a bagel.

What were you doing 15 minutes ago? Checking my work email.

Are you any good at math? Uh, YES. Very.

Your prom night? Disappointing.

Do you have any famous ancestors? I heard rumor I was decended from William Bradford, passenger on the Mayflower and governor of Plymouth colony. Don't know if it's true.

Have you had to take a loan out for school? No.

Do you know the words to the song on your MySpace profile? Most of them.

Last thing received in the mail? Invite to a Sunday School picnic.

How many different beverages have you had today? Coffee and water.

Do you ever leave messages on people’s answering machine? Of course.

Who did you lose your CONCERT virginity to? I think Petra.

Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach? No.

What’s the most painful dental procedure you’ve had? Probably having my wisdom teeth removed.

What is out your back door? A deck, my backyard and my neighbor's driveway.

Any plans for Friday night? None yet!

Do you like what the ocean does to your hair? No, ick.

Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different popcorns? Yeah, from vendors.

Have you ever been to a planetarium? Yes! Used to go see lazer rock shows all the time.

Do you re-use towels after you shower? Yes.

Some things you are excited about? Huh? I'm excited about having another baby.

What is your favorite flavor of Jell-O? Black rasberry.

Describe your keychain(s)? It's a Premiere Jewelery plastic thingy leftover from when my neighbor kept my keys while I was on vacay.

Where do you keep your change? Wallet, car cupholder, Nathan's piggy bank.

When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people? Probably at the February MOPS meeting.

What kind of winter coat do you own? A red wool dress one and a purple ski jacket.

What was the weather like on your graduation day? Sunny and warm.

Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed? Closed!!


Great Weekend

Not Camera Shy
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As I hoped it would be, this weekend was a really fun one. Friday night I got all primped and we went to my friend's house for a fun poker party. She and her husband are fun, great-looking people with a big house and a fabulously finished basement, the stuff I could only dream about. In this basement is a separate playroom, office, and a big, fully-stocked wet bar with a giant flat-screen TV and sofa, plus she had two side-by-side poker tables set up. We played Texas Hold-em and I was second out, and Mike didn't last till the next round either. Which is ok because the second round didn't start till midnight and we needed to get our sitter home.

After just a few hours of sleep I got up early and started hauling stuff into my driveway for the yard sale. We had steady traffic and great weather, although it actually got to be too hot for me to sit out in the driveway. I practically gave a lot of stuff away, but I made $170 and cleared a lot of stuff out of my basement. Soon I need to tackle cleaning and organizing the basement!

Then Saturday night our babysitter came again and we drove into charming downtown West Chester to meet my best friend from college and her boyfriend. We ate at a GREAT seafood place called Doc Magrogans, and I really enjoyed the meal and the conversation. I discovered a new non-alcoholic beer made by Hieniken that is much better than O'Douls.

Unfortunately Nathan caught yet another cold and we had to keep him home from church yesterday. He's in good spirits and I took him to school today. Now I guess I should go back to my actual work.

By the way, several of my friends at the poker party complimented me on how I look at 6 months pregnant. I'm happy to be looking more like there is just a basketball under my shirt and less like a blimp all over, but this little basketball is growing fast and punching me hard in the ribs and the bladder and the cervix ALL the time. It's very distracting.



Hot Air Balloon
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This balloon went sailing right by my house the other day, and Nathan spotted it from the window first. I think it may have been following the big river that runs through my neighborhood.

Well here I go, marching right into the third trimester of my pregnancy, and yoga is finally getting to be a challenge. You try strapping a ten pound bowling ball to your waist and do a few dozen push-ups. Center of gravity has very much shifted and I find it hard to use my ab muscles in arm balances like Crow or to lift up into headstand. Also I am surprised by how hard upward dog is now. And I guess my diaphram is squished because long slow breathing in certain positions is not so easy. But pigeon pose is my best friend.

I'm very excited because I managed to get a babysitter for tonight AND tomorrow night. Tonight we were invited to a poker night at my friends house with some seriously fun party people. Should be good times. Tomorrow night we are having dinner with my best friend from college and her new beau, who is supposed to be very funny. He's a math teacher in a South Philly public school, and the kids love him, so he MUST be cool. I'm just so happy my friend finally met a good match for her.

Tomorrow morning we're having a big yard sale with my neighbor. I must go hang signs now, because I have been very delinquent in getting them out early. I hope people buy ALL my stuff.



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Not much to write about lately. I'm still really sore from the walk on Sunday. I even skipped swimming class last night, but I will go to yoga tonight and hope it helps.

Watched the new episode of Heros last night...man was it confusing. I didn't like all the good guys turning bad. I am glad Mohinder is still alive, he's too cute to die.

I also went with some girlfriends to see In the Land of Women on Sunday night. It was enjoyable for two hours, but forgetable. Adam Brody is cute but much too skinny. I love Meg Ryan's hair.

I also saw A Night at the Museum the other day. Loved it. Very funny.

I'm very bored and restless. I need an escape! Can't wait till we hit the beach in June.
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