She's At It Again

This story just totally cracks me up. For you non-Philly folks, Alycia Lane our local hottie CBS news anchor. She was brought to Philly from Miami several years ago to try to breathe life into an old boys, dying news program. Anyway since she has been here she has been much fodder for the local (and national) gossip machine.

She's been romantically linked, or accused of making passes at, numerous high profile people, including the Prince of Monaco! She has been divorced twice in the past few years and has done whole news stories about how painful her first divorce was, and then of course they featured her wedding when she was remarried, but I never heard much about her second divorce shortly thereafter. Recently she made national news when she sent several flirty emails with pictures of herself in bikinis to an ESPN anchor, which his WIFE (also a cute sports reporter) intercepted. His wife handled it beautifully, replying to Alycia that she looked fabulous and whatever she was doing (pilates, yoga?) to keep doing it, but that she must have meant to send the emails to Rich's other address and she would forward them on. Priceless.

Ok so now the little vixen curses out and slugs a female cop in NYC, using a gay slur at that. And so she is arrested. That's just funny. The girl is a train wreck and I guarantee we won't be seeing her on CBS anymore.


Lola said...

Oh, is that who she is?! I heard them talking about the NYC incident on the radio this morning, and I'd heard about the bikini photos before, but didn't realize they were from the same person, and didn't realize this person was a Philly newscaster. At last, the pieces come together! (I'm sure she has a promising career in reality television.)

Meegs said...

Wow, I think she needs a relationship guru to give her a few hints.

But kudos to the wife of the bikini pic recipient... that lady is a class act!

Lori said...

Oh man, I didn't hear about that!

What a klassy chick.

running42k said...

She not only reports the news, she makes the news!

WILLIAM said...

Her career in pHilly is pretty much over.

Teri said...

I didn't realize she was such a rebel. God!

I always assume the newcasters to be more conservative and low key but obviously I'm wrong!

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