Naughty or Nice?

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This is just for Neel.

Alex had his four month checkup today. The kid is a giant, at 27.25 inches long he is WAY over the 95th percentile in height...as in off the chart. He's 16 lbs 6 oz, which is 75%, and his head is in the 95% too.

My math formula of the day:

16.5 lbs + ~10 lb infant carrier = TOO FREAKIN' HEAVY!


Sharkey said...

Hey yeah--when are you gonna teach that kid to walk already?!?

I just love that pic of him.


Redhead Mommy said...

Yeah, I stopped using the infant carrier on Lydia earlier than I did with Isaac because it just hurt my back too much.

It seems worse with the second...I'm thinking of buying a sling for this one.(gasp!) Don't worry, I'm still a huge Babywise fan!

Mainline Mom said...

I just don't know how to transport him around easily without the carrier! At least not until I can put him down and he can sit up. It's just so convenient.

Neel Mehta said...

This is just for Neel.

Well, not just for me, I hope. I'm trying to convince everyone that babies in hats are hysterical.

I mean, look at him! Aside from being a giant baby, he's wearing a hat!

And I vote nice over naughty because he's wearing a nice hat.

Teri said...

he's gonna have to start carrying you in a bit.

Lori said...


I need to talk to you about Norton. I just bought myself one tonight with part of my Christmas work bonus...figured it was my way of rewarding myself for passing the RIA exam in August.

Mainline Mom said...

Ooooh Lori, you know I love Norton! You are a lucky girl. Ask me anything :) My initial advice is, as soon as you can, go buy the 50mm 1.8 lens, it's about $100. It ROCKS.

sometrouble said...

Hey...after reading this...I was intrigued by the 50mm/f1.8 lens you mentioned. I read a ton of great reviews, and I'm sold. I was just wondering where you bought yours...was it online? I'm trying to find a good deal, and a reputable store. Thanks!

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