Murdered By Mumia

I don't get serious very often. I don't ask much from my readers. However this book, and this issue, is something I care about. It's something my late father cared about.

This is a Public Service Announcement from we here at Water Water Everywhere: please go out and buy and read this brand new book, Murdered By Mumia. You probably have heard of Mumia Abu Jamal and the Free Mumia movement, who claim that he was wrongly convicted of the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner 26 years ago. Claims of racism and evidence tampering and all sorts of things have prevented his death sentence from being carried out, have made him famous, and have messed with the lives of Danny's wife Maureen and their family for 26 years. The facts of the case are crystal clear, that Mumia murdered Danny in cold blood. The book was written by Maureen Faulkner and Michael Smerconish and all proceeds go to a non-profit fund for the children of slain police officers.

Maureen and Michael were just interviewed on the Today show and I am pissed off about the interview and the coverage. Instead of honoring Danny's life and acknowledging how hard Maureen's life has been, instead of talking about the new book, they opened the entire segment with a collage of coverage of the Free Mumia moment, including several shots of Mumia himself speaking. In the midst of the interview they showed the Free Mumia protest going on outside the studio. Poor Maureen, brave, strong woman that she is, freakin' Matt Lauer asked her if she ever thinks for a moment that maybe they are right, maybe Mumia didn't do it. What an ass.

I realize there are problems with the death penalty, and I am not 100% in favor of it, but convicted murderers lose their rights, and one of those rights outta be free speech. It's unbelievable to me that this man has been given the platform to become a celebrity, while Danny Faulkner's name is all but forgotten.


Jenifer said...

this is such a tough issue on so many levels--to be completely honest. it does touch so many aspects of our culture, our legal system, our media. I really feel for the families of all officers. It's a tough job, and a lot of families loose loved ones because of it.

Sharkey said...

This is why I don't watch the Today show, and haven't for years.

WILLIAM said...

I was out of town last week and missed much of Smerconish's coverage of this. I hope to make it to one of his signing.s

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