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It seems that Alex really really likes to sleep. All night, except for feedings, and most of the day too. It may be partially the drugs I'm taking, which I'm cutting back on. But it's great, because I can sleep and do stuff, when I'm not hurting too bad. So now I'm bored...cabin fever big time. Can't wait to be able to go out and hit the mall, visit friends, etc. My body just isn't ready yet.

Oh yeah, and Alex hardly ever cries either. When he wants something he starts out with little grunts and groans, and I can usually meet his need before he ever gets to wailing. It's amazing, and SO UNLIKE Nathan.

On a side note, the pool at my YMCA has been on the news a lot lately for being closed frequently due to a nasty GI bug called Cryptosporidium. They are saying there are 36 cases connected to our pool. You all know how much I love my Y, and I'm really bummed about this. They had a problem with this last year and installed a super state-of-the-art UV disinfection system over the winter. I know a thing or two about water disinfection and Crypto and I can't understand how this keeps happening. They are having to refund people their membership money and it's a big black eye on an otherwise outstanding facility. I am glad my doctor made me stop going to swimming class two weeks ago, and I won't be taking my family to the pool the rest of this summer, which is a real shame.


Teri said...

So that's the pool bug going around?

my coworker's daughter life guards at the Philly Gold Club and a few others and she said the pools have been closed because of some bug.

You are one lucky momma with this child.

TBG said...

I know the y is outta control right now. Also the another local pool is closed for the same thing. Scary!

Southern Fried Girl said...

Ugh, that's a shame. I hope they get that all cleared up.

Jenifer said...

the reason it's happening is because people are too selfish to do what's best for the 'common good.'

people with babies and children in diapers who are sick still bring them to the pool and the swim diapers leak and the pools have to be shut down.

even when it's not babies, it's still just basic lack-of-hygiene. people aren't showering before entering the pool, washing their hands before entering the pool, etc.

with this, older children aren't encouraged to use the bathroom facilities regularly and, the most recent closing was supposedly caused by a GROWN MAN pooping in the pool! he didn't have a disease or problem, he isn't mentally ill or deficient in any way. he was just a selfish, foolish idiot!

so, if people would GROW UP and stop pooping in the pool, practice good hygiene habits, and maybe, just maybe think of everyone for a change rather than just behaving like an entitled, spoiled brat, then maybe all of that super chlorination and UV stuff would do the trick!

i'm a bit ticked about it. the only reason i thought to teach there was to use the facilities (they don't pay near enough), and i haven't used the facilities in over a year now because of this problem!

i'm staying on for the fall, we'll see how i feel about the spring. :)

AND more importantly---

i'm glad that alex is doing well and is an "easy baby" all things considered. I hope you're feeling better soon. my friend got her article to me--i'll post it ASAP.

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