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This is what Alex did NOT do last night. He screamed bloody murder from 9:30 to 11, then slept till 2 when I fed him, then screamed again from 3am to 5am. UGH. I am tiiiiiired. Yes, I slept from 11:30 till 2...that's about it :)

Plus my incision seems to be infected yet again in a different spot and the stupid doctor didn't give me oral antibiotics this time. And my throat is sore from post-nasal drip...probably thanks to Nathan and his cold.

I know I'm whining. It's my blog, deal with it.


Anonymous said...

You are too funny!!! Mommy's are allowed to whine, it's our privilege.


Redhead Mommy said...

Ugh. So sorry for you. Lydia went through a weird time right after she was born where she screamed and screamed. It only lasted a few days....I ended up feeding her every 2.5 hours instead of every three. It made all the difference. Seems her stomach just couldn't hold enough.

Hope it helps.

p.s. Does Lydia look long? I don't notice because in my mind, she's my "small" one. haha.

Southern Fried Girl said...

Darlin if you don't whine sometimes, you will friggin BLOW. Whine all you want.

dcrmom said...

Ugh!!!! I'm so sorry. Whine away.

Neel Mehta said...

Mothers should whine only as much as their children do.

So I figure you have a lot of leeway there.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Mainline Mom said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

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