Six Days Till FOOTBALL!!!!

PSU Fans
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Did I mention that Mike and I are going to the Penn State football game this weekend? Well that's the plan. We'll take the whole family up to my inlaws for the weekend and leave the boys at the crack of dawn to tailgate with 100,000 pumped up Nittany Lion fans. The weather looks like it should be awesome. Unfortunately since I haven't had anything to drink in nine months I will have to take it easy with the beer to avoid falling on my face while walking into the stadium. Low alcohol tolerance + very little sleep for the past month + 4 hours tailgating = very tipsy Sarah.

We're playing Florida International, who we should stomp all over, but they are famous for their massive on-field brawl with Miami last season. So who knows what excitement will ensue from beating up on a bunch of thugs.

This may be way TMI, but since I'm nursing and will be away from the baby all day, I will have to get rid of some excess milk while I'm tailgating....in the car....in close proximity with many many people. The sacrifices we make in the name of Penn State football.


jenifer said...

cool. i hope you hve a good time t the game.

breast pumping in front of many will be fun. :)

Southern Fried Girl said...

Now see, that is why I heart you - a true fan. :)

Mainline Mom said...

aww thanks SFG...so "bitch" is a term of endearment, right? LOL j/k of course it is. just be happy I haven't taken any pictures of myself yet, you wouldn't heart me so much, you be back to hating.

Teri said...

ah, the sacrifices those Penn State fans make.

Have a great time.

Neel Mehta said...

So, which was the better feeling: whipping FIU or seeing the Michigan score?

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