Precious Sleep

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I have discovered that although Alex rarely cries to be fed or held, he is a really noisy sleeper. This kid grunts and groans more than any baby I've ever seen. So I figured out last night that if I ignored some of the grunts and groans through the night rather than jumping up to feed him when he made noise, he would usually go back to sleep by himself and I could sleep a little longer. I'm still tired...three hours of sleep in a block isn't much, but at least he went back to sleep after his 5am feeding today and I didn't have to get up till 7.

It looks like it may have finally stopped raining after a few days, so perhaps we will all get out to the park or even the mall today. I had a dream last night that I applied for a job selling shoes at Nordstrom so that I could get a discount on some Jimmy Choo's. I have weird dreams in my short bits of sleep.

I got the all clear to drive and carry Alex around, so tomorrow night I'm headed to a little MOPS party. Big stuff.

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Redhead Mommy said...

It took me about two months to get in the swing of having two children with opposing schedules. Now I time it out so that they both go down for their afternoon naps at the same time, so I get about a 1.5 hour break in the afternoon.

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