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Well, it's been an eventful morning around here. I had a feeling over the weekend my C-section incision might be getting infected. Well this morning it popped open and I'll spare you the gory details but I ended up back at the doctor. So no wonder my pain has been so much worse than with Nathan. Well hopefully now I'll get it squared away and recover the way I'm SUPPOSED to...quickly.

Alex still sleeps like a dream baby, I just can't wait till his weight check appointment tomorrow to make sure he's eating and growing enough. Seems to me like he eats plenty. Oh and he's totally a genius already. I read that babies aren't supposed to make eye contact with you till 3 or 4 weeks...he had that down pat by the end of his first week. And yesterday I caught him actually playing with a hanging toy on his activity gym. I'm serious...he was loving it....watching it, reaching out and batting it over and over and over...and trying to grab it. Babies aren't supposed to be that developed for several weeks. It was pretty amazing.

Nathan definately likes his brother now, he just prefers to spend more time with his trains. But he helps put the binky back in, pushing the swing a bit, bounces the bouncy seat, and tells us when Alex is crying. It's adorable.


Sharkey said...

Ooohhh . . . sorry about your incision. Hope it heals quickly now that it's had some attention.

Love this photo of Genius Boy. :) You'd better get your newborn shoot done soon, before he decides to be awake and alert more often!

Jenifer said...

i'm sorry about your incision too. hopefully, it will heal up nicely.

oddmix said...

Ow! I hope you feel better soon.

TBG said...

Sounds like things are going great. I hope you heal soon. Ouch!

Southern Fried Girl said...

Ow ow ow ow. I have a visual of your incision. You poor thing.

How cute that Nathan is all digging the lil guy now. Love it.

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