Happy Weekend

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Yesterday was my first day having both boys and no help and it was great! Piece of cake. We ran all around town, played outside, even made a "wrong" turn and drove straight through the movie set. Oops! ;) Didn't hang around to wait for Marky Mark though...too hot to be standing on the road with two kids.

Alex is of course spoiled and only wants to be held or rocked to sleep. This is the normal new baby challenge. So he kept us up a little late, but then he slept a long time so I was happy.

It's really gross hot and humid out today so I don't know what we'll do today. Hard to believe schools start tomorrow and summer's over already.


TBG said...

i can not believe school starts next week. well I start tuesday!

it is so nasty hot.

I am calling you this week I must get some pictures of Alex before he is no longer a newborn!

dcrmom said...

Aww, precious picture! And it sounds like you are really getting into the swing of things. Good for you!! Have fun at the ball game!

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