Baby Belly

Baby Belly
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Well my baby belly is rapidly disappearing and Alex's baby belly appears to be growing. Man is he ever cute.

Mike volunteered to work from home today so I wouldn't be stuck by myself with my sore incision. He's a sweetheart.

I'm going to try to go with Mike to the first Penn State game of the season on Labor Day weekend. His parents will watch the boys. Should be interesting being away for that long...we usually leave the house at 5 am to set up the tailgate around 6 or so.

Speaking of Penn State...I saw an article about a new DVD for little kids called Baby Nittany Lion. It's like the Baby Einstein videos but focused on PSU sports, mascots, fight songs, etc. We must get it. Nathan already know exactly what to say when we say "We ARE...."

I need to order birth announcements, write a ton of thank you notes, plan a first meeting for my new MOPS group, and edit a bunch of photos for friends I took a long time ago. And take a nap :)


Sharkey said...

Hey, Alex's belly looks a lot like mine! Only mine isn't nearly as cute.

The Penn State DVD sounds like a must-have for our next-door neighbor/godson. Thanks for the heads-up!

jenifer said...

i'm so glad things are going so well!

i think i mentioned before that my friend Lisa's article is up on my web site--about helping rid the 'mummy tummy'--so check it out. :)

btw, i figure you won't do any express movement until you're well healed from the incisions, etc--let me know when you are and i'll set up a sequence for you.

but in the mean time, the article has some information about common, normal movements and how to do them to help along the process!

Mainline Mom said...

jen - I'll be sure to check it out...I've already started doing what I can to stretch my back/spine without bending too much. I really miss my yoga. I've lost 26 lbs so far too, and I had only actually gained 16. That rocks.

sharkey - this weather has NOT been good for doing newborn portraits with daylight through the window...

jenifer said...

that is awesome weight loss. :) i'm glad that it's going well.

also, to the above post--i'm glad that you got the all clear to head out. the rain is gorgeous, but chilly!

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