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Two of My Boys
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I think my third boy is going to be a July baby instead of an August baby. Just a hunch. Have had a few of those strong, painful contractions, just nothing regular. My doctor says it's great, the more the better. He pretty much informed me I should have a VBAC. He was rather annoying...I hate that I only get 5 minutes with my doctors and I never get all my questions answered.

Nathan continues with the waking up at some ungodly early hour every morning. Not sure what to do about it. At least we are never late for school anymore.

I was initially fearful of going to Jenifer's yoga class tonight, which would be the first time with her in several months. But I figured I'd try. Talking to one of the girls about last week's class didn't calm my fears either, apparently Jen tortured the class last week. But tonight was AWESOME. (yes I know I use that word a lot and I can be overly enthusiastic at times) I think the best part was not doing any Sun Salutations, which can be exhausting for me. She was great with the modifications for me, and it was challenging, but not exhausting. On the contrary, it was completely energizing. I feel really strong. I was having some pelvic pain the past day or two that makes it hurt to walk and in the beginning of class lifting one leg behind me hurt, but I pushed through it and I don't know what happened but I walked out of class with zero pain. I didn't realize it until I got home and jumped out of my car and waltzed into the house without waddling.

Have I mentioned lately that yoga rocks? Yes? Ok.


running42k said...

Good for you keeping up with the yoga, it will really aid in a few weeks.

Do you know it's a boy? I don't recall you mentioning that. Names?

Meegs said...

I keep meaning to ask... where do you go to yoga? I'm not sure how close it is to me... but I figured I'd inquire because I'm interested.

TBG said...

great picture!

A july baby would be great! So would an august baby but I am sure you would prefer sooner than later!

I can not believe he is going to be here soon!

I really need to get to see you but I have a feeling it will not be till after the little man arrives!

WILLIAM said...

Max went through the whole waking thing for a short bit as well. It soon passed.

jenifer said...

i'm glad that class was good for you. i've been experimenting with sequencing for some prenatal stuff while working on my preconception workshop, and so i was testing it out on you guys. it's good to see that it worked.

when you first told me about what you experienced--pain wise--i started researching it and seeing what sorts of things cause the pain, and what kinds of movements might help. i tried to incorporate some of those movements yesterday--and i'm so glad that it worked.

now, if only i can remember the whole sequence in order. . . .anyway, i'll figure it out.

a lot of folks have asked me to do prenatal (not at the Y, btw), because a lot of the classes dont' necessarily cover things that help condition the body for birth and help with various bodily changes during pregnancy.

also, remind me when you get post partum to give you some tips to help heal the tummy/belly area quickly.

and, i agree with your doc. a vbac sounds awesome. :) i hope you get one!

Mainline Mom said...

Yeah Jen, Mark and I have been talking about prenatal yoga issues a lot lately too. I'm sure you know, yoga squat is good, cat stretches are great...moon pose is fab for the back/sciatica. Sometimes when I stand up from sitting at my desk a long time and I feel that compressed nerve, I just do a quick moon sequence and Voila! pain gone. When I have the SPD pain, kneeling on one leg or even sometimes standing on one leg can really hurt, but I did the knee to forhead thing despite the pain and I think working through it helped. Plus happy baby may have helped...not sure what exactly did the trick. The tenderness is back now a bit after walking the mall for a few hours, but now I know a few things to try.

Mainline Mom said...

Meegs - I do my yoga at the Spring Valley YMCA, which is quite a ways for you. The Y is way cheaper than most yoga studios, especially if you already use it for the gyms/pools, etc. However finding the right instructor is key, there are lots of different yoga classes and styles and instructors at our Y.

R42K - Yes I've known it's a boy for quite awhile. We have a name but it's a big secret :)

TBG - we'll figure something out soon, don't worry.

Bill - good to know. He slept in this morning, so maybe there is hope.

kalki said...

Lovely shot.

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