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Take 2
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I had a do a little self-portrait photo shoot yesterday for a work related magazine article. You would laugh if you saw the part of my clothes not shown here...but it had to be professional. I could barely close the top button of this jacket and the shirt is mostly just resting on top of the little shelf my belly creates.

I did it yesterday because I actually decided to do my hair for a lovely "tea and testimony" morning with my MOPS group. It just confirmed what I already knew, that I desperately need a trip to the salon. You can't tell in this picture but my hair is halfway down my back....what you see in front is a shorter layer. I have way too much hair. I think I see at least four inches of non-highlighted regrowth, and my eyebrows haven't been waxed or plucked in months. And OH the paleness. Summer can't come quick enough.

Monday night I finally made it back to my prenatal swimming class, after two weeks of missing it. Really great class, and it turns out what makes it so hard is that the foam barbells we lift underwater are the equivalent of 60 lbs. I had really forgotten how much I enjoy swimming, this class brings back memories of being on the swim team when I was a little kid. We had a really interesting conversation about how our husbands watch the contraction montior while we're in labor and tell us when one is coming before we even feel it. Half of us have had babies before, the other half are nervous nellies. One girl is less than a month from her due date and is freaking out because she is already dilating and effaced. She's supposed to be on bedrest with limited strenuous activities, but here she is working out in the pool!

The next night I had yoga, and I happened to be feeling really flexible, probably from swimming. I chuckle when someone complains about something as nice as a deep forward bend (which I can only do with my feet spread wide now, since my belly gets in the way). Mark tells her this is easy, there are much harder things, to which the lady asks "Such as what?" Mark and I both started laughing and calling out tougher postures like Chaturanga, Eagle, Half-monkey, etc. I am so proud of the guy in class next to me, who has to be in his late 60's or even 70's and is certainly not in great shape. He never really complains, he just acknowledges now terribly inflexible he is and tries his best. I tell him it will improve and he says "I guess I'm too old" and we tell him "No way, you are never to old to start yoga."

Check this out. This guru Dharma Mittra, who runs a studio in NY, is 66 years old and he can do the most amazing things, such as stand on his head with no support from his hands for a very long time. That's the kind of healthy body I want to have when I am 66.


running42k said...

I think you look nice in the picture. I get a magazine called "Geezerjock". These are the folks I want to be when I grow up. Guys in there 60s or above still competing hard and in great shape. They had one guy close to seventy, but by looking at the picture and seeing the definition on him you would guess mid 30s.

Good for you working out. Will make delivery and post delivery that much easier.

Alisa said...

I really need to try to find a yoga place around me.

kalki said...

You look great, woman! And I'm even more impressed to hear it was a self-portrait.

Spikey1 said...

Eh, not bad.

Susie said...

You are lovely, and allow me to take this late opportunity to congratulate you on your new little blessing. I have been here many times, but not on a post where congratulations seemed to fit. So I'll fit them, here.

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