Still Sick

I think I read somewhere that pregnant women have weaker immune systems. It must be true because I have been deathly sick since Thursday of last week and I am not really getting better. My symptoms just change a little bit every day. Mike says he's still sick too, but he seems to be a lot more highly functional than I am. Nathan, of course, is fine now except for the occasional nose drip. The easter candy is making him a little bouncy, which is pretty tiring to for me.

My cleaning lady did a very good job on Friday, except that she kind of broke my expensive new vaccum. It wasn't her fault though, I guess my very long hair got caught up in the brush and the brush overheated, causing the plastic to fuse and bust apart. It's another in our long string of expensive things breaking. I still need to decide if I should try to have someone fix it or just go buy a new one. The detatchable canister part still works! None-the-less I was so happy to have my house deep cleaned. Then my inlaws arrived and because of my being too sick keep up with dishes or enforce toy pickup, my house is a disaster again. But at least the dust and soapscum are gone...hallelujah.

I've missed yoga, swimming, Easter worship, Easter dinner, and a photo shoot. Yuk. Hope you all had a good Easter anyway!


Spikey1 said...

True. Little babies suck the energy from you! (Not that I know myself but have witnessed it). Feel better dude.

TBG said...

get well soon!

Damn that stinks about the vacuum.

See if you can get a replacement part.

sometrouble said...

hope you are feeling better soon! My hubby announced that he thought he was getting a cold two days ago. I've done everything short of wearing a biohazard suit to ensure I don't get sick. I always get sick...and I'm always sicker than he is. It sucks, I know. I really hope you get all better fast!

jenifer said...

seriously, we need the cleaning lady. ryan is home alone. ALONE. you know what that means, right? right? i left over a week ago. right? you know? right?

please, email me or have her email me! please.

sorry that you've been sick.

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