On the Move

On the Move
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Thank goodness the week without hubby is half over. The boy woke me up at 5 freakin' thirty yesterday morning, and six this morning! This has got to stop. Somehow he has to learn that just because the sun is up does not mean mommy is.

Over the weekend I did a little shopping for maternity yoga clothes. Yoga clothes for me have very specific function and are hard to find these days. The idea is that all material must be form fitting so as not to fly up at odd times and reveal too much. Form fitting and big baby bumps don't seem to go together. I prefer extra long tank tops, but I find that those are often pretty low cut, so I have to deal with plenty of cleavage.

I also need a sports bra to keep the girls in place and out of the way during my practice. Finding a good athletic bra for someone my size is frustrating too.

Speaking of yoga, Russell Simmons is on Regis and Kelly right now talking about his yoga practice, the many paths to God, and his new book of spiritual insights. Sounds pretty hokey to me, even though I'm very familiar with most of what he's saying. He says the Yoga Sutras and the Gita are his shortcut to god. I agree that they have many great truths in them, but there are many principles I totally disagree with.

Ok back to sports bras...I find that most just squish my boobs together, forming even MORE cleavage. I need a bra that flattens and separates. Haven't found one YET. So I bought a new one at the Motherhood maternity store that I thought would be comfy and work. But as soon as I got to class and turned upside down I realized I had an even bigger problem than before. They did NOT stay where they were supposed to, and my top was showing WAY too much. This wouldn't be too much of a problem if there wasn't a gigantic mirror in front of me so I could see everyone in the class and they could all see me. So I spent the whole class tugging and my clothes in between poses. Time for more shopping.


TBG said...

i have the same sports bra problem! Nothing worse than sports bra shopping!

There has to be a place out there for full chested women!

jenifer said...

i gave up on sports bras. i wear a bra, then a number of tanks over that bra--when i want support. sometimes, i just go braless. but, i know that's not always a good option.

you might check hugger mugger and gaiam to see if they have any maternity wear. i think they do.

Southern Fried Girl said...

I have finally completed your questions.

I saw Russell Simmons as well. I did not get a lot of what he said, but I think overall he is a positive role model for young black males. He seems to have a decent head on his shoulders and is not caught up in the whole hip hop lifestyle and the bling and the idiocy of it all.

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