Pimp My Ride

So Mike, the Natester and I decided to go to the ghetto mall up the road a bit tonight. It's not really a ghetto mall, but it's not the BIG King of Prussia mall, and the clientel is a bit, well...not-so-mainline. We had never been there before, but we needed to return a Christmas gift to a store that isn't at KoP.

On a positive note, Victoria's Secret was having their big clearance sale and I found TWO bras in my oh-so-hard-to-find-because-they're-very-big size. Usually all the decent stuff in my size is totally picked over in the little clearance bins. Amusingly as I was standing there a mom said loudly to her daughter "They go over here in this bin, and maybe this woman would like them because they are very pretty bras!" as she handed me two baby blue ones in just my size. I said "Oh yes! I would like them very much, and they are nice." To which the mom of the very pretty and NOT fat 20ish daughter said "She's just mortified that this is actually the size she wears." I chuckled and said "I know the feeling."

Now back to the title of this post. As we were getting into the car to go home, a blue minivan pulled up next to us with the word "Odyssey" written in big script letters across the top of the windshield. I doublechecked, and sure enough, the minivan was in fact, a Honda Odyssey. I said to Mike,

"Who on earth would put the word "Odyssey" across the front of there frickin' MINIVAN?"

"Yeah that's funny."

"I mean, what are they thinking? Is that how you soup up a minivan? Is that like they said, 'Xibit, please pimp my minivan?'"

"Yo man, this baby has holders for 18 sippy cups!"


Teri said...

that is strange about the minivan. I've seen this exact thing on younger folks' cars. you know, the early 20 somethings who want you to know exactly what their car is, even if it isn't a beamer or something.

very strange!

what mall did you go to? is there another mall up there near KofP?

Mainline Mom said...

Ok if I hafta tell. Coventry Mall, in Pottstown.

Oh, you Guess! said...

minivans freak me out--pimped or no.

as do those other large vehicles. . .what are they called again?

where's my biodiesel? yo, Xibit, pimp my biodiesel!

Alisa said...

oh man. I love it when I'm driving behind a car with a personalized license plate that tells you what their car is. "mustang" "vette"

Lori said...

Hah, you must be referring to the lovely Coventry Mall. White trash central. Yes, I was there yesterday. That mall definitely swings to the direct opposite of the KoP Mall.

I prefer Exton Mall, myself.

WILLIAM said...


TBG said...

i love that mall there is never a crowd but the people that are there make you think oh my goodness where do these people come from!

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