I Need Your Ideas

So you ALL know my aspiration to become a professional photographer. Well here's your chance to help me out. There's a group on Flickr I have long wanted to join called "So, You Want to Be a Professional Photographer." It's an awesome group with wonderful discussions for learning all kinds of new tips and tricks, and generally drawing inspiration from other wannabe's and professionals. But you see, the group is FULL. Packed. I asked to join a long long time ago and was put on their waiting list. They are celebrating their one year anniversary now and are giving away REALLY COOL prizes for photo contests.

Here's where you, my readers, come in. They are having a contest and giving away three memberships to the group. The catch is I have to submit a totally wild and crazy photograph proving how desparate I am to get into the group. So far the entries are weeeeak. But I am a bit at a loss for ideas. I can be wild and crazy...but I need a muse. If only it would snow, I would go stand outside in the snow in only my skivvies and some high heels. But alas, no snow, and it's tough to demonstrate in a photo JUST. HOW. COLD. it is. We're talking 8 degrees this morning with a wind chill of 10 below. That's Fahrenheit for all you Canucks up there.

So suggestions please? I could incorporate some yoga somehow. I don't KNOW. The deadline is Saturday night so I've got two short days to figure this out and knock their socks off.


Jenifer said...

you don't think upside down knocking over decorative trees is enough?

WILLIAM said...

Take a picture of your Hubby in the shower...Then submit it and explain how pissed he will be if he finds out.

Stand on a high building and lean over to take a pick down the face of the building and have someone take a picture of you taking the picture. Or in front of a train or from the tope of a tree.

TBG said...

oh sounds like a fabulous group! I hope you are able to join and then you can pass the tips onto me!

Good luck!

I don't think that Mike wants you out in the snow in your underwear in high heels let alone now that you are pregnant. Dont think that would go over so well!

Neel Mehta said...

Consider a photo where you, Mike, and Nathan are practicing yoga: you look poised and experienced, Nathan does well for a beginner, and Mike... well, if he's like me, the photo would be more funny than wild and crazy.

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