SPF - For Janelle

This week's SPF assignment was chosen by Kelly over at Missing JT Snow, who's adorable daughter Janelle has epilepsy. November is National Epilespy Awareness Month! Who knew?

1. Something you sieze
2. Something that shakes
3. Something purple (because purple is the color of the month!)

I thought I would tie this in a bit with my very interesting day yesterday. My girlfriends from MOPS (moms of preschoolers) and I had planned to meet at a local bar/restaurant for karaoke night. The PLAN was to laugh at all the locals singing. The problem was it's now off-season and our group of seven were almost the only ones there. So guess who did the singing?! We had a blast till the wee hours of the morning.

1. So something you SIEZE is the OPPORTUNITY! Or the microphone, especially for my friend Tammy who keeps telling us how she's destined to be on Broadway even though she's never sang or danced or acted in her life. Here she is doing a little Patsy Cline.

Mysteriously, when it was my turn to sing, Norton the Nikon's on camera flash refused to pop-up, so the only evidence of my craziness is unrecognizable :) I figured out later that the flash sticking down is from the last time I had my camera in a bar with me (Dallas) and the bartender dumped beer ALL OVER my D50 and me. Jerk.

That's me singing When God Fearin' Women Get the Blues by Martina McBride. I picked it because it's such a fun, upbeat song and I didn't need the words. I also sang Let's Get it Started by Black Eyed Peas, and a couple others I don't remember.

2. Something that SHAKES would be my house during that wicked storm we got yesterday. I was sitting at my computer working, which is right next to my front window, as the wind really started to blow. Suddenly I heard a snap and looked out to see a tree fall on a power line and OH. MY. GOODNESS. the fireworks display. Here's the tree...I didn't want to get too close because that wire was still live.

3. Finally something purple.

This is one of my best friends, Alexis, who just ran her first marathon in San Fransisco a couple weeks ago. She ran for TEAM CURE which raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and her team color was purple. I'm very excited for her, and even happier that she just bought her first house and is moving from 40 minutes away to 5 minutes away from me. The only problem is now she wants me to be her running partner! Yikes.


Southern Fried Girl said...

Holy crap, that power line business would have freaked me OUT.

Happy SPF! I played.

The Kept Woman said...

Wait...is that tree on YOUR driveway or did you see it fall across the street on your neighbors driveway? Either way...scary.

Happy weekend!

Uzz said...

You know it pains me to hear stories about cameras not functioning properly! I am so paranoid about my cameras that I have four digital SLRs...and I carry them all in my car in case of emergency...I only use two at a time, but you never know!! Hope your D50 is doing better! That built in flash is horrible...you would be better off getting a dedicated one for the hotshoe!

I played this week as well, so come on by!

Have a great weekend!

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