WBW - Rockin' Rides

Our Way Back Wednesday assignment from The Kept Woman was something about old cars. I think she means REALLY old. So here are the family cars we had when I was a babe. Circa 1976. Again...how cute am I? And how cute is my mom? Except that's some bad hair she has in that second photo.

The closer one is a Dodge Dart, I think, and the one behind it is my mom's Peugeot, I think. Here's a closer look.


Christie said...

omg how cute is that bonnet!

happy wbw!

TBG said...

I love the classic dresses! Love them!

Teri said...

wow, that's an old car. they were funny lookin back then.

your mom was smokin. was she the one in the last picture with the long locks?

KC said...

you and your mom are so cute.
great WBW. I played also.

The Kept Woman said...

I love the bonnet!!!

Very cool cars!!! Bonus points for the "way" backness of them!

Dick Small said...

Ah, 1976 was a VERY good year. I was 8 going on 9. Wonderful music, that year. I miss those days. Your mom's hair wasn't THAT bad, you know. I saw worse back then (between all the afros and dorothy hammils, your mom looked pretty good).

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