Kid-size pumpkin

Kid-size pumpkin
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I am a deliquent blogger. Believe it or not, I still feel like I have not caught up on my sleep since Dallas. Dozing off in church, at work, having trouble getting out of bed. Not interested in working out or eating healthfully either. I need to snap out of it!

Things have continued to be busy since I got home. I was pretty sick with sinus congestion for the past month so I finally went to the doctor on Thursday and she said it is definately allergies. I can't understand how allergies could be so bad, and last so long, even in different locations and climates! Plus Claritin had never worked for me. So she gave me Zyrtec and Nasonex and after one dose of each...VOILA!! I'm cured! It's unbelievable the difference. I guess I can stop buying Kleenex by the case.

Friday night we took Nathan to my church's annual fall fest....in the cold driving rain. It's mostly outdoors, but I I wanted Nathan to have a little fun. I think he enjoyed it, but we were all frozen to the bone.

Saturday my inlaws came to visit. We went back to Merrymead Farm where Nate and I took the hayride. He LOVES the animals and he is a big fan of pumpkins. It was free and fun to watch him.

I swear he gets cuter every day. He has such a great personality. I wouldn't be prejudiced or anything.


TBG said...

I love Merrymead, love it!

Have you take Nathan to the Please Touch Museum? We went there saturday! He would love it. I am going to take Lucas in December if you want to go with us?

Sharkey said...

JP loves him some Zyrtec--it's a miracle drug in his book, and Claritin wouldn't touch his allergies either.

TBG's comment reminds me of some friends of ours. The husband was talking about the PTM, but he innocently called it the Touch Me Please museum. Hee.

Mainline Mom said...

I am now convinced without a doubt that Zyrtec is a miracle drug. I will worship at the alter of Zyrtec!

Yes I have long wanted to take Nate to the PTM. That's funny about your friend's mistake, Sharkey.

Amy said...

beautiful fall pic! colours are scrumptious!

and so is Nathan. What a big boy he is getting!

running42k said...

It's ok to brag about Nathan, he seems like a great kid.

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