Happy Halloween!

Wait till you SEE my little pumpkin! He fought and fought with me over putting on the pumpkin suit all weekend, but when we finally got into his classroom this morning he complied. OH. THE. CUTENESS. Best costume in his class. I'll show you later, because I'm taking pictures at the school parade this morning. Then one of my new MOPS friends is hosting a mom/kid party at her place for lunch and she was gracious enough to invite us. I hardly know her so I'm glad for the opportunity. And tonight my mom is coming over to help with the trick-or-treating because Mike is out of town. He's up at Penn State with some chick from his office recruiting for his company. Rough life.

Last night we had major trauma while daddy was away. For months I have allowed Nathan to put Pepper in her crate when we go out and he runs to let her out when we get home. She goes in quite willingly but she's a little psycho about coming back out. So occasionally I have to give her collar a little tug. Well last night while my back was turned Nathan ran to let her out and he reached into the crate to get her out. She bit him on the tip of his middle finger. The shrieking and crying and bleeding that commenced was awful. I was so angry at Pepper for potentially ruining what had been a very nice family/pet relationship. I know it was my fault, Pepper is a bit scared of Nathan, and she was cornered. I should have never let him mess with her crate. Nathan's finger is just fine, but I don't know what to do about Pepper now. *sigh*


running42k said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. No one was hurt (too bad).

WILLIAM said...

I think they both probably learned a lesson. But an animal, no matter how cute or family oriented is still an animal and I mean this in a bad way towards animals. Pepper may likely do it again.

Teri said...

can't wait to see pictures and I'm glad his finger is okay. I think most pets are scared of toddlers.

Alisa said...

I can't wait to see his costume.

Poor Nathan and Pepper. It's never a good situation when both parties are doing what is natural to them.

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