Way Back Wednesday - Grunge

I know, I know, I'm late. Busy day. Nathan was sick last night, but now he's miraculously cured, so I hit the gym first thing. Then cleaning up so I can host 8 more ladyfriends from my MOPS group for dessert and drinks tonight. (These are 8 different women from the 8 that were here last week. That's the beauty of MOPS...instant mommy friends.) Plus there is my actual engineering job they pay me to do once in awhile. That really gets in the way sometimes! Just kidding.

This week's them for WBW is 90's fashion. I was in high school in the early nineties, and my sense of style ran the gamut. It was a prep school so I was pretty preppy at school. Dress code and all. But I was an alternative music lover so there was definately some punk influence to my off-hours wardrobe. Basically I was a fashion schizophrenic. Here is an example of a staple of my non-school wardrobe in the early 90's...the not-so-dirty grunge look. Vintage t-shirt and plaid flannel over top, with funky jewelry. I wish I could show you the shoes. The doc martin mary janes that I became known for in high school.

Sorry about the cock-eyed rotation...guess my friend taking the picture was being artsy or a comedian.

Oh I almost forgot!! Kami reminded me...I have an undercut in this picture. That's like a punk/skater thing where the bottom half of the backside of my head is shaved. You couldn't tell when I wore my hair down, like during school, but if I put it in a ponytail it looked AWESOME. (kidding...it looked retarded)


Kami said...

Nice 'do on that guy behind you. ;)

The Kept Woman said...

I think my favorite part of the picture is your smile.

Lori said...

Heh. I did the undercut thing too. I also went through a very brief stage of wearing paper clips in my ears. Until a very vicious bacterial infection set in.

That guy behind you looks like he was channeling a happier Morissey.

Doctor Mom said...

Oh my goodness a cross between Madonna and Flock of Seagulls boy in the back!

That's funny... Big Hair Days!

Mainline Mom said...

Ah Pete Chapin, the guy behind me. Something must be wrong with me, cuz I always thought his hair looked great and I still do. Super cute and the ultimate nice guy. I think this picture was taken backstage after we did Wizard of Oz and he played the Lion, which may be why he looks like he has makeup on. I was doing props and makeup for the show, which is scary considering my makeup looks awful.

Teri said...

how did you go from grunge to a conservative? It's baffling, really!

Zed said...

Hi there Mainline Mom, it's Zed. I'm officially TAGGING you for the 40-question meme found at my blog or at Teri's.

It's a good one--give it a try!

Christie said...

lol you loook like me
kind of

happy, belated wbw

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