Stuff Portrait Friday

Better late than never, right? It's been a BUSY week. I got my carpets cleaned this morning and now they look bootiful! Hosting a small party Sunday afternoon and needed to spiff the place up a bit. Anyway, this week's assignment for SPF from Kristine was:
1. Your mailbox
2. Your bag
3. Your supplies

This was kind of a boring one, which Kristine admits. Here's my mailbox. In the snow.

Here's my new purple bag. It matches my purple placemats, the trim on my table, the dishes, and even the curtains. And the concert t-shirt I posted about yesterday. I like purple.

Here are my office supplies. Not shown is my brand spankin' new super laptop and printer/copier/scanner/fax. I was too lazy to take new photos of those.


TBG said...

Oh I like the new purple bag! I used to love purple. I am a huge pink fan now! Weird how things change, dont get me wrong I still like purple!

Happy Friday!

Any plans this weekend? email me when you get a chance!

Lee said...

okay, the snow is ridiculous....how do y'all even think about mail when it's that cold? nice foo fighters t-shirt, sounds like a great show even if you had the worst seats in the place ;)

MMC said...

Purple is my fave.
Love the bag.
And the snow looks oh, so refreshing as I swelter here at 103....degrees.

Teena said...

I love the purple bag! I'm a big fan of purple! I didn't know it snowed in Pennsylvania in the summer though :)

I played ...

Kami said...

Cute bag!!

Lisa said...

That is a lot of snow in your mail box picutre!

LynAnne said...

I love how you were out taking photos before you shoveled. (note the footsteps LOL)

Great photos, and I played too. Mine are just as boring but I needed boring this week :)

sometrouble said...

ooh i really like your kitchen table...I am in the market for one. Do you remember where you got it or know what company makes it? Weird question...I know. Hi, by the way...just found your blog, and enjoying it.

Mainline Mom said...

I got the table at Fecera's, a local furniture chain near Philly. No idea who made it. It says Made in China all over the bottom.

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