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Somebody didin't like my last post. So *poof*, it's gone.

I can't believe my school district has started school again already. Where did the summer go? I do think I spent it well. I love fall, with colorful foliage and crisp breezes that require a new wardrobe. I can't believe Nathan's second birthday is two weeks away! I've got a very busy month ahead playing hostess to many gatherings of women and relatives. Tonight is my new MOPS group of eight women, and I am their fearless leader. Oh yeah, and only three days till KICKOFF! We are....PENN STATE!!! I only hope I'm not sitting in Beaver Stadium soaked to the bone from Ernesto on Saturday.


Teri said...

what do you mean someone didn't like your last post? was it the hubby?

you two are cute sisters.

ieatcrayonz said...

Mike or Mark? I'm still guessing. That's a great picture of you both.

TBG said...

ok we have got to get together soon, it has been way too long! Maybe Lori would want to meet up with us!

I take it the hot yoga instructor did not like the last post or was it the hubby?

Have a great day and I can not believe fall is fast approaching!

running42k said...

Don't give in to blog censorship.

Spikey1 said...

Well I guess if they didn't like it then perhaps they shouldnt read it anymore!

WILLIAM said...

Is someone censoring you?

Mainline Mom said...

No, I don't want anybody to quit reading. Yes, in effect, I'm being censored, but aren't we all in a way? We don't write about certain things because of how it might affect other people.

To answer your question, I don't think Mark actually reads this blog. He knows about it, but he has never let on that he might actually read it. Jen either.

Mainline Mom said...

Ok so I was wrong, Jen DOES read my blog. I spoke too soon. (see comments on posts before and after this one) I feel so bad now for ever calling her the yoga-nazi, even though it's NOT because I don't like her.

So now I'm wondering if Mark has ever read the blog. Hmm?

PS - the disappearing post did NOT use the word "hot" in reference to any yoga instructors. I'm just sayin'...

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