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I really dig this whole photography thing. Always learning learning learning, and capturing beautiful things and moments, frozen in time.

I just feel like I have SO much to learn, and I'm so eager. Wish I had more time and money to invest in it. I think it would make me very happy to shoot people for a living, mainly babies, kids, and families. If you haven't looked at my Flickr, you really should. I'm dying to get more feedback, technical and emotional. Which shots really strike people?


TBG said...

I will check it out!

I could not agree with you more. I would love to Photograph people for a living! I might just do so!

I wish I had more money as well to invest in equipment!

Doctor Mom said...

Hi Mainline Mom--
I just had a few minutes so I paged through the first page of photos. While I too, am just learning photography and Photoshop, the only opinion I can offer is rather novice.

The photographs that stand out are those that are more candid and less posed. Also, those of your son's blue eyes matching the blue of the sky and the blue striping of the couch.

I'll stop back again and look at more. I too am trying to learn from others. I just bought myself a graduation gift, a Nikon D200 SLR!

Teri said...

I agree with dr. mom and also I think all of your pictures have great lighting and just look like you're looking at the actual subjects and not a photo.

great job.

WILLIAM said...

I think your son is the best subject. He is so Photogenic.

dcrmom said...

I went to take a look. I so don't know where to begin with making intelligent comments although I'd love to improve my photography skills. I love the one of your grandmother. The lighting is neat in that one, and I like how it captures her in a candid moment.

Sharkey said...

Hey, I don't know whether you got the Chester County Night School brochure, but there's a night school class starting up in September. Actually there are several courses, but the one that interests me most is Taking your Digital Photography Beyond Point and Shoot. Looks like they're going to cover a lot of ground in eight weeks, plus a field trip. I don't think you actually have to live in the county--are you free on Monday nights?

Mainline Mom said...

Wow that's so cool. Thanks for the tip Sharkey, turns out I AM free on Monday nights. But I wouldn't have taken any prerequisite classes. Do you think my experience would be enough? I certainly think I know what I'm doing with my camera.

Sharkey said...

If you understand metering and how to change your shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to manipulate your exposures, then I would think that'd be enough. I sure hope it is, because that's about all I know! :)

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