Long Weekend

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This picture is especially for The Kept Woman, who asked to see my sunset beach yoga pictures. As you can probably tell, this isn't the ocean beach, but it is the lake beach that my mom's beachhouse looks out on. The pose is Downward Facing Dog, one of the most basic in yoga, and a resting posture where I stop to steady my breath in between sun salutations. I discovered that yoga on a sandy beach doesn't work so well because the mat gets all wonky and without a flat surface it is hard to balance.

So I'm back from another long weekend at the beach. Nathan and I left Friday and came back today. My sister and her new baby-that-never-cries drove up from Richmond so I could see her again. We had very good weather. Hubs gladly stayed in Philly and had the house to himself all weekend. I feel like an oaf for not running or doing yoga for four days.

Highlight of the weekend was Nathan entertaining a large crowd at Harpoon Hanna's dockside tiki bar in Fenwick Island. The have live music in the evenings so some guy was singing and playing all kinds of covers on a guitar. After dinner Nathan ran over and broke into his enthusiastic, hysterically funny dancing. The kicker was his festive blue hawaiin shirt. Even the singer was laughing so hard he could hardly go on singing.


TBG said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!

Oh sweet babies are the best!

The Kept Woman said...

OK, that looks VERY relaxing...not necessarily the pose thing that you're doing but the area...very serene.

You are very flexible and I'm sure you're going to be getting some questionable visitors to view this pic. ;)

Southern Fried Girl said...

Girl, you are rocking the yoga. I am so impressed.

Mainline Mom said...

Questionable visitors, huh? Why do I not see that when I think of the yoga?

Doctor Mom said...

I love it! I am just learning yoga... trying to heal a back injury.

Can I borrow the expression "wonky" sometime??

Never heard that one! LOL

Mainline Mom said...

Oh, Doctor Mom, good for you, yoga heals so many injuries!! I am constantly getting injuried and constantly feeling better after yoga.

You've never heard of "wonky"?! Yes, you may use it!

Teri said...

It looks like you're mooning your neighbors. But it looks relaxing.

Doctor Mom said...

I had to look at the photo again, it looks like something that belongs on a DVD cover for a Yoga video.

Well done... no wonky mat or anything!

Jenifer aka "Yoga Nazi" said...

Downward Dog looks great. But, to help with the sand issue, use water from the lake or ocean to pack the sand under the mat. this keeps it a relatively firm surface which gives more stability and keeps you from getting sand everywhere (or more everywhere than without packing the sand).

i like practicing outside. :)

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