Hunting Monarchs

Hunting Monarchs
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One quick post and then I'll get back to work.

This picture is from last Tuesday evening, when my best friend was in town from Nashville and we hiked around Valley Forge before going out to dinner. Right now the park is full of tall brown grass where the hundreds of deer hide, and acres and acres of milkweed. My mother-in-law teaches first grade and every year she goes hunting for Monarch catapillars for her class among the milkweed. So I figured I should be able to photograph some butterflies at the park. I was right.

She and I hiked four or five miles as the sun sank in the sky (in my brand new Merrell sandals - a story for another day). Then we went to Bahama Breeze and sat on the deck. She's vegan so she only likes certain resturants, and even that night the waiter got it wrong by putting cheese on her sandwich. You should've seen her face when she bit into it.

Great things about that evening:
huge national park
deer and butterflies
Norton the Nikon
fabulous walking trails
cute new sandals
that were $80 but I got 'em free
fruity drinks
live music
grilled salmon
getting carded
getting checked out by a table of guys
camera phones and text messaging
having an awesome best friend


TBG said...

Sounds like you had a great night!

I will go to VF with you to take pictures one day if you would like, I think it would be fun!

My best friend and I used to always walk the park!

BB has such good DRINKS...mmm!

Pattie said...

Wow, free sandals, drinks, and a day with your best friend? Who could ask for anything more....

Doctor Mom said...

I LOVE the butterfly pix!

Did you use a macro lens or a general purpose lens?

BTW-- results are posted for Idiot of the Week!

The Kept Woman said...

Yahoo for getting checked out by a table of guys you hotties!!!

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