Escape Artist

Part of why this week has been so relaxing is Nathan's good behavior and willingness to sleep in. I love that the bedrooms are on the same floor as the living area, because in the morning Nathan feels free to run back and forth from our bed to the toys and leaves me to lay around taking my good old time getting up. This morning I wasn't showered and dressed until after nine...that's VERY late by my standards.

Last time we were here we shared a room with Nathan and he woke us up at 6 am every morning. He has never even tried to climb out of his crib or pack-n-play, so we have to get up and get him out and give him a bottle. This time we have separate rooms. We set up his pack-n-play in the guest bedroom, wedged in between the two twin beds so he would feel a little more cozy. The first morning we stayed here I mentioned I got up early to go to yoga class, and ended up doing it solo out on my deck. At about 7:30 I was relaxing in downward dog when I looked between my legs and spied a little face watching me. I went back inside to join the boys for breakfast. Nathan was in a great mood running around the living room. Suddenly I realized that the master bedroom door was only slightly ajar, as I had left it earlier, and Mike was still in bed. I just as quickly realized that Nathan had climbed out of his crib himself and opened his bedroom door for the first time ever. I knew he was quite capable of doing it, given how tall he is. After his nap he did the same thing. Later that night he let himself out three times, before we decided to move the crib away from the twin beds. He hasn't escaped again since.


running42k said...

The combination of water, fresh air and exercise works great on keeping those kids sleeping.

TBG said...

It is only a matter of time before that big boy bed comes into use!

OddMix said...

"...we decided to move the crib away from the twin beds. He hasn't escaped again since" - Yet!

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