Funny Thing Happened on the Way to SPF

First I must pay homage to the great and wonderful Kristine who is getting MARRIED tomorrow. You go girl! To an awesome guy, Shaun. Hope it's a fabulous day for all and you don't stress TOO much. This week for Stuff Portrait Friday, Kristine chose:

1. Your love
2. A Honeymoon
3. Something blue

So a funny thing happened to me on the way to doing SPF last night. I got an email out of the blue from an old friend of mine. We went to church together about 10 years ago. We were never that close, I think because I thought since she was married and out of college she must be SO much older than me. But I went to a baby shower (I think?) at her house and I believe she came to a bridal shower for me. I ran into her husband when I moved to this house because he works in the same office as my mom and I visit her for lunch a lot. Then when we were searching for a new church we tried theirs and I got to chat with her a bit. We tried another church and met some friends of theirs. But neither church worked out and that was that.

Until yesterday. Like I said, email out of the blue. Apparently she's a blogger now (musings of a housewife) and started playing SPF. She clicked on one of my comments because she knew a "mainline mom" must be local. Even though my name isn't on my blog, she recognized me instantly! Crazy. Fun! She lives even closer to me now and we will surely be getting together with her three kids and my one. See how SPF brings people together?

Moving on. My love. My sweet sister and mom showed me some love yesterday by sending me flowers. I LOVE gerbera daisies.

A honeymoon. Not exactly a honeymoon for me, but a great place to go and relax is Sea Colony resort in Bethany Beach, DE. That's where my family was this weekend. I can get ya a great two bedroom condo on a lake that's just a few blocks from the ocean. Available for rent the rest of the summer.

Something blue. I know Jo-Lynn did this too, but how could I resist those blue eyes? Unfortunately it seems Nathan now has pink eye. Yuk. I blame the pool.


Shna said...

Great pics, I love daisies too :)

Sheri & SuZan said...

The honeymoon shot is so peaceful and ya gotta love those baby blues.

I played.

OddMix said...

Great pics! I love the flower.
I played, too.

Maidink said...

Love the pics. Sorry to hear about the pink eye.

TBG said...

Oh that is so cool! I love reading new blogs!

Happy Friday!

Mama C said...

I'll have to remember that you have access to that lovely beach front condo. Nice!

Baby blues are the best.

I played.

Army of Mom said...

Nice pics. Looks like a wonderful honeymoon place to me. I'd go there.

Love the baby blues!

I played, too.

Teena said...

Luv the pix!

I played too :)

Kami said...

What a cool story!

dcrmom said...

Hey, there! I was gonna post this story too. Hilarious. And you may not remember, but I was at your WEDDING, girl!!! I was pretty good friends with your mom at the time, and the whole church was invited, so we went. :-)

Susan said...

Love that daisy!

What a great story.

Happy SPF

Mainline Mom said...

Oh YEAH! I hardly remember anything about my wedding, but I recently went through some pictures and I remember seeing you dancing away! Sorry I forgot. I forget what you gave me too. I DO remember the baking cookbook you gave me as a shower gift because it is AWESOME. Yeah I guess I thought you were so much older because of you being friends with my mom. And all along you were only four years older! Youngin'.

Jana said...

Love the honeymoon picture!

I played!

MMC said...

I love gerberas too!
beauty blues...

Suzanne R said...

Neat story, and great pics! The daisy is stunning!

I played.

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