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We loaded up the SUV on Friday morning and made the long drive to Richmond for the weekend. My sister keeps complaining about how big she is, but she isn't due till late July and she is not big at all. In fact, all these pictures of me standing next to her make ME look big, since she is so much skinnier than I.

I had a great time playing with the new camera, which is temporarily named Norton until I come up with something better. I read the WHOLE manual and I am amazed by how many cool features it has. So you can look forward to lots of playing around pictures on my Flickr account in the near future. Check it out on my sidebar to see all the shots from the weekend.

The babyshower was tiny, but good. Nice resturant and everybody loved my decorations. The only downside was Nathan got a wicked respiratory bug and I either had a severe attack of allergies or a shortlived cold. We decided to skip church and the Mother's Day brunch and head home early. Nathan was great in the car for six hours each way thanks to my mom in the backseat and an ample supply of DVDs.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there in the blogosphere!


Lori said...

Lovely photo of you and Sis. And don't be ridiculous, you look fab! You're quite photogenic.

Mainline Mom said...

Thank you, dear Lori. I work out and work out, but going hungry is not something I am good at, which is what it would take to shed that extra layer of body fat that hides my very strong muscles. I'm not the WORST eater in the world, but I'm lazy and fast food is much easier and tastier than fresh veggies.

Southern Fried Girl said...

OK, your sister is so NOT HUGE.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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