Hooray for Weekends!

Weekends at our house usually include family trips to the gym, the Target, maybe the mall, sometimes a social event, church, rented movies, and naps. This weekend is no exception. Nathan is still not quite his normal self, but seems to be much better at times. Last night I went to a gigantic kids consignment sale and ran into two close friends from high school I hadn't seen in ages. But those big sales are a mob scene and Nathan didn't cooperate for long, so we only got clothes while the line was short and had to skip the toys. This morning I went to another gigantic local kids consignment sale, which was also a mob scene, but thankfully Mike was home so I went alone. I got lots of cute summer clothes for Nate, as well as some books and toys for under $50. But I stood in line for about 45 minutes and didn't find the jogging stroller or outdoor play equipment I wanted. That's ok, because after these two sales and the one last weekend, Nathan is going to be the best dressed kid around...as usual.


TBG said...

He is so cute! Lucky score, consignment sales are the best!

Pepper is cute too!

running42k said...

Did you score the running stroller? In our area we have an ebayish type website that sells baby clothes and strollers, high chairs etc but just locally. Great place to pick up a stroller and not worry about shipping. Check out with other moms and dads in the neighborhood.

Glad the little guy is feeling better.

Spikey1 said...

The Boy is lucky to have older cousins and tons of hand-me-downs! I am lucky that my running pals bought us an amazing running stroller.. I would lend it to you but I need it back in 7 weeks!

Odd Mix said...

The kids shots are great... But the dog? The dog ROCKS!!!!

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