All God's Children Got Shoes

Spring and warm weather are here and finally it is the time to bring out my sandals and start going open-toed. This also lends itself to my kicking off my sandals and going barefoot in the house quite frequently. But it seems Nathan has a problem with that. The minute he sees me slip off my sandals and start walking barefoot, he runs and grabs my shoes and brings them over to me.

"Mama, you're not wearing your shoes!!"

"Here, let me help you put it on."

"I can't figure out how it goes on. You do it!"

"There, now all is right with the world."


TBG said...

Oh I never wear shoes in the house...never...not even in the winter. I love being barefoiot or in the winter in socks.

Tammy said...

I heart new shoes. So very much!

Spikey1 said...

No paint?

Christie said...

hehe cute photos

running42k said...

very cute. Is he ok with going barefoot?

I was walking on the grass barefoot the other day and it felt so good after a long winter.

Odd Mix said...

Very cute, very funny. I have the opposite problem - I cannot keep shoes on my kids feet. Even if I make them put them on (which is a fight) they will more than likely take them off within 15 minutes of leaving the house.

Go figure.

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